CryptoLux Review

Review of Cryptolux ( that is not trying to pitch it to you. Why is this a good thing? Because most of the other reviews seem to be by people who are promoting it and that info can end up getting ‘sugar coated’. Is the CEO Robert Alexander a real person? If not, then who … [Read more…]

Universal Crypto Mining Club Review

In this Review of Universal Crypto Mining Club (, find out who the founder is, the compensation plan, the product line and the start up costs. Or is this just another well thought up scheme to scam you out of your hard earned money… Watch This Video Before Joining!! (Important Information):  Want Financial Freedom and … [Read more…]

Be Yourself and People Will LOVE You For It!

I have seen people posing beside cars they don’t own hoping that people will see them as successful and join their business. I have seen people try to change their personality by ‘modelling’ successful marketers. And I have seen people pretend that things are going great for them when it’s clearly not. Ask some of … [Read more…]