Be Yourself and People Will LOVE You For It!

I have seen people posing beside cars they don’t own hoping that people will see them as successful and join their business.

I have seen people try to change their personality by ‘modelling’ successful marketers.

And I have seen people pretend that things are going great for them when it’s clearly not.

Ask some of them how they are doing (anytime) and the answer is usually something like ‘phenomenal’ or Great! or Outstanding!

Sure there is nothing wrong with saying your feeling outstanding (if you really are) but when you aren’t and you lie, people can see right through this.


Because we are all connected.

We have the ability to read each others energy.

And in reality, even if things aren’t going perfect in your life (and in your business), and you be REAL with people, most of them will LOVE you for it:


  1. Helen Lingard

    Ha ha – i remember the time it used to be ‘cool’ to pose by cars… its an interesting topic Rory… transformation is about Ourselves appreciating the wealth we have in our lives… and the wealth we can give others 🙂 great share 🙂

  2. MomJonz

    LOVE this! I recently started a mom group here on FB and I keep it real with the moms. The members love my realness and they ask for my advice and appreciate it cause I’m REAL about my failures, my crazy kids and home. lol You know what, they support my business cause of the REALNESS!

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hey Rory,

    Its great to be real with your self. and Its great to model success, thats how we attract it right? Yet I do believe that whenever I state that I am Fabulous, I feel great. I dont usually say so if I am feeling crappy…Neither do I have to tell a total stranger how I m really. I usually say its well…Because I know that my inner man is at work whatever the day throws at me! #realtalk

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