55 Days in (so far) to 180 Days to FREEDOM

Today I am sharing my results so far as of May 07, 2016 when I first activated my affiliate membership (with Empower Network) and started taking action consistently.

Important Note:

These results are not Millions of dollars.

But they are ‘realistic’ 2nd month results of two regular guys (Rico and I) taking consistent action daily for the last 55 days.

*These are results that most people can ‘resonate’ with (if they take consistent action)*

Another Note:

We didn’t take action for the full 55 days. 

Some weeks we only ‘produced’ for 5 days and other weeks…6 days per week.

This income will keep growing as long as we keep producing.

Here are the results:

154 Leads Generated through Blogging and Video Marketing (total).

1st Sale: Got started on May 7, 2016 and took ’22 days’ to make our first sale.

2nd Sale: 30 days in (June 7).

3rd Sale: June 9th.

4th Sale: June 14th.

5th Sale: June 21st.

6th Sale: June 25th.

Products Sold Breakdown:

6 Basic Blogs

2 Kalatu Premium Blogs

1 Inner Circle Membership

$450 in products sold so far.

These are ‘reoccurring’ membership products.

Results are not ‘typical’ because typical people will do next to nothing or nothing at all. See Empower Network income disclosure .

Lead flow:

Only 154 leads so far!

Lead to sale breakdown:

66 Leads to 1st Sale

27 Leads from 1st sale to 2nd

12 Leads from 2nd to 3rd sale

6 Leads from 3rd sale to 4th sale

22 Leads from 4th sale to 5th sale

12 Leads from 5th sale to 6th sale


These results are not for thousands of dollars or millions.

But they are ‘realistic’ results that regular people can make like Rico and I (a truck driver and a canine) can make using Empower Network, Youtube, Kalatu Blog (EN Blog) and Aweber (email software) and a forest as a video background.

None of these sales were made from email marketing (list building).

They were all ‘knock over’ sales from generating traffic and leads through blogging and video marketing then ‘redirected’ into the Empower Network sales page.

I don’t think most people would post these types of results because they are not thousands of dollars. But what they are is proof that regular people can succeed using systems like the Empower Network.

There are way too many people trying to compare themselves to ‘Guru’ type marketers. 

But there is too much of a ‘gap’ between the upcoming marketer (or even intermediate marketer) to the Guru.

And many people rob themselves of success because they expect way too much too fast!

Lastly: I keep hearing guys online making statements like…“If I had $10K to put into PAID Ads, then I  will be successful”.

And I think that’s just bullshit.

Yes paid advertising can add a boost to your marketing! But it’s not a short cut to success. I believe that a regular person makes their ‘breakthrough’ online by doing ‘Simple’ stuff (taking simple actions daily) every day. And the people who believe that they need a marketing budget to succeed are ‘waiting’ for the perfect day.

This is otherwise known as ‘procrastination’.

Because the perfect day never comes.

Rico and I are 55 days in so far to our 180 days to FREEDOM Mark.

We will hit the rank of GOLD by Nov 1st (just under that 180 day mark).

Gold will be $10,000 per month income.


Because we love ourselves and deserve it!

And so do you!

When we hit that rank, Rico and I will be dancing just like Jacob…


Kalatu Premium Offer

Rory Singh

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    • Rory Singh

      Yes we can challenge ourselves and put and set a goal ‘in mind’, then take consistent action towards that goal. Thank you Jelena!

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Nicely done, Rory!

    I hope that you acquire the King Midas touch with those sales of yours!

  2. Great video Rory! People just need to focus on taking action daily in simple steps rather than comparing themselves to gurus. Make sure you shoot a special video when you hit the rank of Gold!

  3. Congratulations, Rory! True authenticity will attract people of integrity that you want to run with. I applaud you for publishing your results and goals!

  4. Great post Rory! Tracking is so very important and participating in such a challenge and giving the results lets average people see the results that are possible with the type of effort being put in. Thanks for sharing!

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