All of God’s Children Have a Success ‘Mechanism’ Built Right ‘Into’ You…

qtq80-7Nq8YeMost people who are pursuing this industry (or who have ever pursued this industry) are trying to get things perfect before they “act”.

When the Secret movie came out, many people were ecstatic about it.

But there was a big problem.

The problem is most people (including me before I knew better) were trying to experience their desires by just doing the mental work alone (vibration-ally aligned ETC).

Sure you need to be ‘in vibration’ to your desire.

But we can not get it without action.

And most people won’t act (put themselves ‘out there’ online) in the form of video, picture and even audio.


Because the majority are trying to get things perfect before they move forward.

Get their hair right, their clothes right and their videos right.

Trying to be perfect.

But sadly the perfect day never comes.

Did you know that all of God’s children (everyone even aliens lol) have a success ‘mechanism’ built right into your brain and mind?

That’s all of us!

No one is excluded from this.

But sadly, most people will never access it. Here’s how to access that part of you right now:

Here is the book that I mentioned in the video above, it’s called Psycho Cybernetics.



Hopefully you just watched the video above.

It had a lot of ‘simple’ value in it that you guys will benefit from.

And the principles are really stupid simple.

Here is an inspirational story of a singer who was able to access his success mechanism. His name is Daddy Yankee (stage name). His real name is Ayala. But we will go with Daddy (yes I know it sounds weird) because the world knows him by that name.

daddy-yankeeDaddy was actually going down a completely different road from the music industry.

He was headed into major league baseball, tried out for the Seattle Mariners and was just about to get signed on.

But unfortunately he was hit by a stray AK-47 rifle round while taking a break one day.

He spent over a year and a half recovering from this wound (the bullet was never removed from his hip).

And while he learned how to accept his fate (losing his baseball career), he was able to heal (both mentally and physically) by letting go of all the blame, hate and fear that he was going through.

Something magical happened.

He turned his focus to music instead.

Daddy Yankee is now one of the most recognized Reggaeton artists in the world right now.

In Canada and the US, you can here his songs being played on the radio.

Right here in the Greater Toronto area (where it’s mostly English speaking), I have heard his songs playing over and over on Z103.5 FM (a very popular Toronto radio station).

Daddy found his ‘real’ success mechanism that you have built into you right now.

And if you find yours, you my friend will not be afraid to make videos or put yourself out there (online) ever again.

As a matter of fact, when you find yours, you will be shaking your ass just like Daddy (and the young ladies in this video).

Daddy Yankee – Limbo:

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  1. Helen Lingard

    I always find myself arguing with people who say That you HAVE to take Action.. Yes to get That Dream you do.. however you can think of people… you can Speak to people and then have things Manifest… so you really can Manifest ‘simple’ things…. Always love your video Rory and Yes have read and continue to read that Book. Some Very powerful stories in there.. the One about Belief and the African Bug – always makes me smile…

  2. Demetri Benton

    I started out that way. I wanted everything to be perfect before I took action. When I realized I was going nowhere fast– I changed gears! Perfection only leads to procrastination! Thanks for the great post Rory!

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Rico-Bway I was shakin my bootay to Ayala’s Music, I don’t understand the lingo,I Just understand the vibe, upbeat encouraging, flexible, mobile…All the things that a Mindset change needs. Loved the post and the story Rory 🙂 Thanks for uplifting my evening!

    Julie Syl

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