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becareful-what-you-tell-yourselfI keep hearing stuff like 97% of the people who pursue the home business industry and the make money online industry fail.

This is Bull shit!

Most people don’t want to pay the price for their success after they figure out that there is work involved.

I used to think people couldn’t succeed online due to ‘unseen’ issues but after going over David Wood’s Top Producer Formula…

I now know that everyone who pursues this industry (and who is willing to pay the price for their success) can succeed!

I can make sales online because I know the truth.

If you want to really succeed, make sure to really guard your ‘own’ thoughts.

Be the grand gate keeper to your own success.

Only let thoughts that will support you get through in your mind.

Your mind is very powerful and will have to bring you situations, circumstances and other forms of PROOF (for what ever you are willing to tell yourself and believe).

You’re Powerful Beings all of you!

And since you are a powerful being, then your ‘own’ mind has POWER within it.

If you want to succeed (in Empower Network or any other high end system), then only allow thoughts that will move you forward to your goals into your mind.

Your mind is a very ‘sacred’ place.

Guard it!

I like to end every post off in Rock City with a music video because music is food for your soul.

Online Success is FREEDOM and this my friend is what you Came Here for!

This is what you came for (online success), Rihanna knows (just replace (everything else in this song with your (your online success)…You, oh, oh, you, oh, oh

Rihanna – This is What You Came Here For:


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