Been Struggling For A Very Long Time? Ask for guidance!

qtq80-1o750pI struggled in this industry for years. I always knew that I could become successful in this industry. However, I kept sabotaging my success over and over. Sometimes I would become consistent in the action taking process but that never lasted long.

Finally after spinning my wheels and getting no where…one day I just asked God for guidance…

If you seem to be going around in circles like I did for a very long time, you could just ask too!

Just ask…God, the Universe, Higher Self, Higher Mind or what ever you want to call our Creator…

This is exactly what I did:

I said…”God, my desire is very strong. But if for some reason you don’t want me to be pursuing this industry, then please take this desire away from me”.

I did this 3 times in 3 different years.

But every time I asked, my desire intensified and got even stronger.

Finally after I asked the last time, all hell broke loose in my life (near the end of 2014) and I had to face a very undesirable ‘adversity’.

But the adversity that I attracted into my life had a very important lesson hidden beneath all the pain.

Adversity is the ‘gate keeper’ of your Next phase in life.

If you face it (and especially learn the hidden lesson in it), you will let yourself through to the next phase of your life.

If you don’t face it (or more importantly learn the lesson behind the adverse circumstance), the undesirable circumstances will keep repeating itself.

I asked for guidance but sometimes the guidance doesn’t come the way we want it to.

It comes how we need it to.

I am not trying to scare anyone.

Just by asking for guidance doesn’t mean that you will trigger an adverse situation.

Asking for guidance will help you move forward in life.

Some people need to be here and some other people don’t.


If you don’t need to be pursuing this industry, you can be guided to pursue the area or industry that will work for you.


*This doesn’t mean that this isn’t the industry for you because all successful marketers have gone through many heart breaking issues before becoming successful.

This post is just about asking ‘higher power’ if this is really for you. 

This industry isn’t for everyone.**

Our way doesn’t always work. 

Our plans don’t work most of the time.

God’s will.


Rory Singh

Rory Singh is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you have received any value here today please support original content bloggers...Please comment, like and share. Let's connect on Facebook.

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  1. Great post Rory, I think “looking busy” and actually being busy in the right direction are too different things. You need a desire as strong as iron in order to succeed, in my opinion..

  2. You are right Rory the best way to find yourself in the middle of all this noise is by following those you wish to be like and seek their guidance. Thanks for sharing!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes it’s good to ask successful marketers for guidance too but what I mean’t was asking the ‘Supreme’ Marketer in the sky for guidance. Thank you Pedro!

  3. Artreice Westmoreland

    Rory, great post. I agree that we will be pushed into where we need to be, but it’s up to us to full and acknowledge the push.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes!! Nice to know that we are on the same page. And yes if Bigfoot shows up Rico and I will be in big trouble! Thanks for the comment (and the laugh) Tara!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes! Exactly! And if we don’t need to be here online, where would a better place be? Rico says hi! Thank you Sandy!

  4. Great input Rory! It’s a simple question (why are you here?) but it sums up the whole idea. You choose to put up an online business so do whatever to grab that success. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well said Rory. Good idea to ask … ask for guidance, for help, from our higher power. And s you say, the “how” is out of our control. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the answer because it doesn’t come in the form we expected. So we should be aware.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes guidance from our higher power! Best guidance that we will ever get! It’s from the part of our mind that actually has ‘all’ Knowledge. Thank you Carol!

  6. awesome post Rory. its all about taking action in the right direction isn’t it. Taking action and taking it consistently makes a huge difference. I also love your point about personal development because this industry needs the correct mindset. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  7. every day I think everyone should ask this question: “What is the right thing for me to do today?” Then Pay attention, Deep breath and then Go do that thing! The Action steps are very essential! So you can do that or seek Mentorship form someone doing what you want to do!

    This is a Question Oprah shares that has helped her to succeed in her life and career!
    Good Recommendation Rory!

  8. [ Smiles ] Brilliant! If you’re struggling, you might as well as for guidance from Infinite Spirit.

    Also, I am sure that Kenny Santos appreciated you mentioning him and his website on your video.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes from ‘Infinite’ Spirit. That’s the exactly who we need to ask for this guidance. The Only ‘One’ who is truly ‘Qualified’ to give (this advice) to us! Thank you Renard!

    • Rory Singh

      Our guidance is always there. God talks to us all the time but I think we are not listening (most of the time out of stubbornness). Thank you Lorraine!

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