By ‘Allowing’ Yourself to Succeed…You Help Others!

There is no shortage of people online who are willing to fail.

But you who is reading this post right now have it ‘in’ you to succeed. However if you are too overly concerned with the lack of people willing to ‘transform’ into the better versions of themselves, then this can hold you back.

It held me back for years!

I guess this is my way of leaving that way of thinking behind.

I will not let myself fail because of the ‘decision’ to fail by other people.

Failure in this industry is a big ‘Myth’.

There really is no failure.

That is the great Illusion Online.

aaron parkinsonA few years ago, I asked the founder of Nutrie (actually he wasn’t the founder of Nutrie yet, he was a founder and marketer of another powerful system) …Aaron Parkinson

How do you go about making all that money for yourself (he was a top income earner) while you know that the ‘average’ person will not be willing to succeed?

His reply?

He said to me…

“Your job Rory, is to find the best possible ‘Opportunity’ that you truly believe in (like the Empower Network) and share it with others through ‘marketing’.

And that’s it!

Then he went on to say…It’s now up to them to take the training, the plan and the action that will propel them to success.

Then he gave me a very powerful example:

Aaron said that Harvard School of Business has a 50% failure rate that they don’t ever advertise.

That doesn’t mean that 50% (or more) of Harvard’s students fail.

What that means is that half of their students drop out because of different reasons like things happening or because of their ‘mindset and beliefs’.

And Harvard doesn’t lose a wink of sleep knowing this!

Harvard has value in their product (education) and they sell it to people who are willing to pay for it.

Then they deliver that value and if some of their students don’t apply the training, that’s not Harvard’s problem.

Harvard had done their job!

The same thing applies to this industry.

Companies like the Empower Network offer their value to the market place and it’s up to the people who get started with us to either follow through or get left behind due to their own decisions.

On another note…

In order to succeed, you will be required to ‘transform’ into the better version of yourself by personal development, training, action, and perseverance!

And anyone who isn’t willing to do these things will let them selves fail.

Whether you succeed or fail, BOTH are just decisions that you are making based on your mindset.

If you are using a mindset that supports you, then your mind will look for all the information to help move you forward to success.

If you are using a mindset that doesn’t support your vision or desire, then your mind will look for all the information to work against you.

So in a nutshell, what ever you decide to do, your own mind will bring things and experiences to ‘reinforce’ what you are choosing to believe.

Here is an example…

Just yesterday I had a visitor who left a comment on my other blog regarding Empower Network (one of the systems I market online).

He said that for 6 months he has been ‘trying’ to make money with it and believes that it’s “Impossible” (for him to make money).

Now is this really true?

Is this guy so focused on the ‘negative’ that he failed to see how powerful the first level product…The Kalatu Blog is …

My other EN Blog is ranking very well on Google for ‘highly’ competitive keywords (money making keywords). Take a look at this screen shot from Page 1 of Google for the keywords (Project Titan Review Empower Network):


Did he even notice how he found my blog?

Does he even know the power in the Kalatu blog?

Why wouldn’t he?

He did search Google and end up on my Kalatu blog (yes I had a Kalatu Blog and it was ranking well).

So it does clearly work!

Has he really been working his business everyday for the past 6  months and following all of the ‘8’ Core steps that EN Teaches:

1- Become a product of the product (actually use the training in the products for yourself). I do this!

2- Blog Daily. I do this!

3- Market Daily. I do this!

4- New Member Coaching. I do this!

5- Daily ‘Inner’ Circle Audio. I do this!

6- Personal Development daily. I do this!

7- Empower Hour every Monday Night. I do this!

8- Attend all the Events. I do this!

So that guy who left that negative sad comment claims that success with the Empower Network is ‘Impossible’.

But how impossible is it if I am succeeding with the very same opportunity right now?

Now I don’t know exactly what this guy is really doing.

But I can tell you from first hand experience…if you follow through with the steps listed above (like I am doing) PLUS you are actually willing to succeed by believing in yourself or even just willing to follow through until you actually start believing, then you can succeed too!

Do you believe that?

And these 8 Core steps can be applied to any business online.

These are the steps that led David Wood to personal victory and success online.

This is what he did to succeed.


If you allow yourself to succeed, you will unconsciously help other people to succeed and ‘transform’.

But if you don’t let yourself succeed because you are feeling sorry for all the others who are willing to buy into all the bullshit that they are choosing to believe…

Stuff that won’t ‘serve’ them, then you are not only letting yourself down, but you will let many other people who may transform based on your own personal success story down too.

If you let yourself succeed, you will help others who ‘resonate’ with your own personal story.

If you let yourself fail because of other people’s mental issues, then that is tragic because you will only be leaving them in a ‘wretched’ state of mind.

And no one benefits from being wretched!


Regarding the POWER of EN’s Kalatu Blog…

Here’s where my other Kalatu Blog (NetworkOpportunities.Net) ranks for the ‘highly’ competitive keywords “Nutrie Review (regarding Aaron’s company above) on Page 1 of Google for the 4th spot:

Nutrie Review Kalatu


Time to get ‘Thunderstruck Baby! With ACDC, Iron Man and the rest of the gang:

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    • Rory Singh

      Yes your MIND is so Powerful, it will bring experiences, situations and circumstances to ‘prove’ you right! Thanks Adewale!

  1. Hey Rory,

    We should give ourselves permission to succeed so others can be inspired to do the same.

    I really like the reminder to know the value in what you have.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love that comparison with Harvard! Both Harvard and home business industry gives the education. But it’s up to the individual to actually apply it and become successful Love this post, Rory! Thank you!

  3. “There is no shortage of people online who are willing to fail.” Powerful statement Rory, and so true if you look at the statistics. So why allow ourselves to do that — to be willing to do that? It takes a lot of things coming together to be successful — belief, decision, vision, plan, goal, consistency, action and often mentorship. We need to go for it and run with those who are going in the same decision. Thanks Rory.

    • Rory Singh

      Love the way you put it Carol! So true! And yes running with those who are going in the same direction is very important. Unified visions carry a ton of energy that can propel you along. Thank you.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes connecting is the real deal. I use my marketing to do that. Made some very beautiful connections (some may last a lifetime).

  4. great post. great video. on point Rory. I love the fact that you mentioned that in order to succeed we have to be a better version of ourselves. That is transformation inside out. Great stuff Rory. stay blessed

  5. If we ALLOW all the good we deserve to flow into our being, body,mind and soul. The Manifestation is only a matter of time.

    Wow 50% Harvard students drop out? Well I am glad Harvard doesnt lose any sleep coz its not their problem. Go Rory, Sky is only what the eyes can see!

    • Rory Singh

      We have ‘collectively’ created a ton of BS that is going on in our ‘collective’ Lower ‘Mind’ AKA…EGO Mind. So yes we must allow the good to ‘flow’ in order to replenish ourselves. Thanks Julie.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes it’s up to the individual. Because each individual has great power ‘in’ them. But not everyone is willing to let this inner bad ass out. Thank you Tara!

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