Don’t Let Other People’s Judgement Keep You From Succeeding!

judgement-by-othersIt’s so funny how these topics just keep coming up. Just this morning my wife came to me and said that one of the people in her Google + circles gave her a link to one of my youtube videos and asked her if this person (me) was her husband.

My wife has an ‘Avon’ group.

My wife is also very reserved and likes to keep everything private (especially my online pursuits).

I told her that I can not stop making videos (even though she didn’t ask me to stop) because I see the ‘great’ potential in what I am doing.

I am grateful that my wife allows me to be me and to do what I want to do. 

But here’s the thing…

I would do it anyway!

My wife may have different beliefs in regards to making money.

But those are hers to keep and I have told her that if she tried to stop me, I would just move out.

I am grateful that she lets me be, do and have. Yes!

But I would do it anyway!

Because there is FREEDOM to be had (by any willing soul) in this Grand Illusion of temporary separation (experience on earth).

And those of you who really want it, can have it.

Everyone else is free to do as they please.

If your spouse is trying to stop you from living your dreams (and you know in your heart of hearts that you should be really pursuing this dream of yours), then you will have to put your foot down even if this causes ripples in your relationship.

I am not here trying to break up couples but if your heart is telling you to do something extraordinary for yourself, you need to follow it’s path.

And you are on a path if you are reading this post right now.

laura-parrishIt’s up to you in the end as to what’s the best possible decision to make for yourself.

I heard Laura Parrish (a former Empower Network Leader) say this on stage once…

“If I see the value in something for my family and for myself, then by golly I will do that thing regardless of what anyone else thinks”.



Don’t let other people’s bullshit ideas of how you should be living effect how you should be living. It’s your life and no one else is ‘qualified’ to tell you how you should be feeling or what you should be pursuing.

If your spouse is holding you back based on their own fears, should you let them?

If your friends and family ever see you online and they judge you, should you let that stop you from going further?

I know I won’t!

My family and friends should focus on their path and stay out of mine.

They are not qualified to make decisions for you.

They are not you!

And if you did let them stop you because of their judgement, could you really live the rest of your life with yourself?

justin-bieberHere is a young guy who had a ton of people cast judgement on him (and many still do to this day). Yes he did do some immature stuff when he was starting out that got him some ‘negative’ attention and he has paid the price for those actions.

However, many still judge him and don’t like him to this day.

But luckily for him (and for his audience)…the many who follow him, support him and get tons of massive value from his performances, he chooses to not let any of the bullshit hold him back.

Yes I am a fan of the Bieb…After all he is a fellow Canadian from right here in Ontario, Canada and one heck of a Powerhouse Performer…Justin Bieber “Love Yourself”. Because quite frankly…if you don’t love yourself enough and let the bullshit judgements of other hold you back…then you my friend have some issues:

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  1. Powerful post Rory. I agree, sometimes our vision will force us to exclude some friends and family, but it is usually short term. They usually come around. Thanks for the reminder that freedom is worth any cost

  2. Jonna Lindawan

    Great topic you covered here, Rory, about loving yourself! I’m sure your wife’s got her own reasons/ways just as you have. We all want to succeed, you’re right!

    • Rory Singh

      My wife is just kind of private regarding my business. She says that some of the people she has in her circles are just plain ‘nosy’. I agree with her but I can not let it stop me from making content daily. Thanks Jonna.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes! Not following our dreams literally does eat us up. And so many people keep wandering why there are so many people dying of cancer. It eats you up inside literally! Thank you Chris!

  3. Rory, I was talking on this very subject to one of my team members who has stopped chatting on Facebook simply because his wife thought he was spending too much time on there.. I think the pure heart and spirit of an entrepreneur would do it regardless..

    • Rory Singh

      Some people will let the people in their personal circles hold them back and others will pretend that they don’t want to partake in the online process (by blaming someone like their wife). You just got to let that guy go. You can only help people who want you to help them. Thanks Keith!

  4. Loving your blogs Rory and I love you saying to your wife ‘if you don’t like I will move out’ gosh I so wish more people were like you – I actually used to do Avon – Loved it – Love this more… Very entertaining blog Rory – I look forward to meeting you one day 🙂

    • Rory Singh

      My wife understands that I gotta do what I gotta do. She is seeing a lot more signs regarding the positive impact we as marketers can have on society. It will be nice to meet you to Helen! Thank you!

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