Don’t Steal Your OWN Dreams By Asking Uncle Tom for MMO Advice!

There is a serious problem that keeps happening every day in this industry of ‘Make Money Online’.

What you may be asking?

Network Marketers or people who get tired of ‘pitching’ their deals to their warm market…Uncle Buck, Tom or even Aunt Becky.

What do they do?

They come online to get away from all that redundant stuff.


Because they buy into the idea of making sales from cold market strangers (by attraction marketing).

So some of you may be saying nothing’s wrong with that idea right?

Sure I agree 100%!

But here’s the thing…

The great majority of people who come online join a system.

And no matter how many times you tell them to just follow the system and ‘take lots of action’, what do they do (not all but many)?

They decide to hit Uncle Tom or Aunt Becky up with their affiliate links.


I don’t know…maybe they are just testing the waters to see if Uncle Tom or Aunt Becky will bite.

I think new folks are hoping that their ‘warm’ market is low hanging fruit that may still be an easy target.

The real problem?

Family and friends are not your real target market:

If you are an Entrepreneur then most likely most of your family and friends are not Entrepreneurs (and even if some are) most likely they are not looking for ways to make money online.

For the great majority of people actively pursuing this industry…most of the people you know in your ‘warm’ market are not qualified to give you feedback on your business opportunity.

And that is why you should never ever ask unqualified people about something they don’t have any experience in or are not educated enough about this said topic (MMO) for advice.

And if they really did have any experience with this industry, most people will tell you something like…

“Those things don’t work!”

Why would they tell you this?

Because many of them probably tried something or another for what ever reason.

And when I say ‘tried’ what I really mean is they probably did just that…

Paid some fee to join something and sat back waiting to ‘see’ if it would work.

And nothing will work for you if you just sit back and wait to see if it will work.

That’s what ‘typical’ people do who look for typical results.

Typical results types join something, wait to see if it’ll work (because then they claim they will get ‘all in’ mind, body and soul).

If you ever do rely on them for advice in this area (and they are not qualified to give it to you), they may end up stealing your dreams or even worse…

You will steal your OWN dreams by listening to them.

Right now there is obviously more proof that many people are ‘already’ living the life of their dreams (what you may be after right now) by leveraging this very industry.

Rory Singh

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  1. I always find this interesting, Lisa Grossman shared with me once that if you really believe in what you are doing – why would you not want to invite friends and family – however yes many are sceptical = You have to be tough skinned and really confident in what you are doing BEFORE you introduce family and friends..great post Rory 🙂

    • Rory Singh

      I wouldn’t want to share with my family and personal friends. They are ‘civilians’ and have no interest in becoming an ‘Online Entrepreneur’. If you can. Thank you Helen for your comment.

  2. Indeed most of us look to family and friends as our first port of call. Nothing wrong with wanting your nearest and dearest to have a better life too…Only we don’t only share with them, we ask their “expert advice” lol on things they obviously have no knowledge about!

    seek for advice from those doing the right things and getting results…Cool cool Rico man!

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