Getting ‘Crystal’ Clear on Your Intentions Has 2 Parts! Are you ready for this?

qtq80-e4zcqMWhen ever anyone comes online (or even in traditional network marketing) and hits a certain point in their business building process, they start hearing stuff like “Set a ‘clear’ intention and purpose”.

Because quite frankly…

If you don’t know exactly what you are after, then how the heck can you ever get it?

But being clear is NOT enough.

There is more to this game of ‘manifestation’ in regards to your highest desires.

Are you ready for it? Maybe not!

I sure hope so!

Well here we go.

Their are 2 parts in the process of becoming clear.

1- Knowing exactly what you are after.

2- Being able to ‘handle’ it! This is where getting clear become a grey area for most people. Most people think that they need to be warriors.

They think they need to be like ‘Braveheart’  and slash away at life with a sword or saber.

But in truth…trying to ‘fight’ your way out of a tough life is like trying to wrestle a crocodile. You probably will lose!

Life is made out of tough ‘invisible’ stuff that you can’t just fight your way out of.

You will need help.

Actually you will need a lot of help.

Fighting against anything just creates more of that thing.

But if you learn how to ‘tame’ that ego of yours (yes I have one heck of an ego too) you can then go on to the next phase in life by only one way…

Becoming a ‘Peaceful Warrior’.

Freedom is a form of power.

And this industry offers the great reward of freedom to anyone who is willing to pay all the fares.

Any ‘one’.

But if you are the type of person who gets ignorant or becomes an asshole when ever you get any leeway in life, your freedom is not going to come (and if it does…it will be very short lived!).

Please note…I am not calling you an asshole. 

I am just stating that anyone of us (we) can not act like ass holes. Because if we do, we won’t get very much freedom (if any) in our lives.

97% of the people on this planet can not handle freedom and this is exactly why they are ‘locked’ into their jobs until their minds can handle freedom. 

I wrote a post exactly about this issue here before.


There are (2) Parts to becoming clear on our dreams:

1- Knowing what they are.

2- Being able handle our power of freedom without hurting anyone else.

Freedom starts and stops  right inside of your ‘own’ mind.

Too many people have gotten hurt in history due to ruthless people wielding power.

No more!

Rory Singh

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  1. Great blog Rory – I have found Faster EFT is the way to get rid of any blocks – great share… Belief is another one 🙂 thanks for sharing great value – Also the Power of intention by Wayne Dyer a must read/watch/listen

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