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qtq80-JD9s0lI was listening to an audio (personal development) the other night. And I thought that I overheard the author (Wayne Dyer) in his book called “The Power of Intention”, say that gratitude is a place. 

He was basically saying that Gratitude is a place (and a decision) that connects you directly to your source and creator.

Gratitude is a place inside the Mind of God.

We need to be grateful for all the good that we perceive as good happening in our lives.

The bad stuff (bull shit) is the part that we made up collectively. 

We should be grateful for:

1- The food in our fridges and kitchen cupboards. If someone was homeless, they should be grateful for the food at the shelter.

2- The Clothes on our backs (and our children’s if we have kids).

3- The job that you have (if you are lucky enough to have a job). Many people who pursue this industry tend to bash their jobs. You can not succeed here if you are not grateful over there. If someone was not grateful for the job that they have, that would be like spitting on your Creator’s face (if he had a face but he isn’t a person). 

4- The people in your life (good and bad). The bad usually are here to try and teach us something we need to learn. The good…well that’s easy!

5- Even the Adversity (because adversity is the ‘gate keeper’ that will let you in to the NEXT Phase of your life if you learn the lesson it’s trying to teach you.

6- Opportunity: Opportunities like the MLSP because systems and companies like this allow you a ‘vehicle’ to FREEDOM!


Gratitude is very important. It allows you to genuinely give thanks and prayer for all the good in your life. And if you are experiencing bad…just know that the Universe always has your back. If you are going through troubled waters, that is opportunity in itself (although it won’t seem to be until you pass through it).

A parent always supports (and provides) for their children.

And if you were that parent and your child was ungrateful for all the good that you gave them, how would you feel?

Gratitude (genuine) brings you close to God and into ‘Flow’ (where Real Magic starts to happen).

Demarco – “I Love My Life”


Rory Singh

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    • Rory Singh

      Gratitude is to be truly grateful to our creator for every good thing that we have in our lives right now. Thank you Mike!

  1. Gratitude is indeed a state of mind, and I like your Take on it, Being in the mind of God. Being Connected to your Creator…All the good stuff comes from the creator!

    Gratitude for all things including challenges…as they are the gate way to better things. I like that too! Awesome share Rory..I am sure Rico is grateful for his daily walks with his bestie!

    • Rory Singh

      We are always connected to our creator but we drift off from time to time (most time) believing we are ‘separate’ from our source. But gratitude uses the heart to remember the connection to ‘Love’ (God). Yes Rico is grateful too! Thank you Julie!

  2. This is a great reminder to be grateful for all that we have. Others don’t have much of what we do, and also it really is the only way to be able to manifest what we want.

  3. I’m sooo glad you shared this Rory! Gratitude should be a part of our daily routine! What we focus on, we attract more of! And there’s always something to be grateful for!

    • Rory Singh

      I find it every day. And I know you do too Tara! You are such a joy to be around (and anyone who knows you would agree). Thank you!

  4. that is deep Rory. Gratitude is definitely a place. trying to be grateful actually makes us ungrateful because we simply are not grateful but only trying to be grateful. being a place means that we can always remain grateful in regardless. thanks for sharing. awesome post

    • Rory Singh

      Rico and I do videos in a forest just behind my residence. It is beautiful (and quiet most of the time). Thank you Sandy!

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