Heart and Soul – Giving it All You Got!

Heart-and-SoulThe more experience that I get in the form of ‘recruiting’ in this industry…I find out that not all of the people who get started Online are here to make money.

What do I mean by that exactly (some of you may be asking)?

Some people are here to learn. Yes believe it or not some people are here just to learn something new. Many people like the idea of learning a new skill set and feel satisfied by just ‘knowing’ how to do stuff. This is one of the greatest reasons why people like to listen to the news. They don’t like not knowing about something and don’t like the feeling of being out of the ‘loop’.

Some are here because they are looking for an interesting hobby to do on the side. Nothing wrong with that unless that personality type wants to make an income. Only the individuals who are ‘all in’ BOTH physically and emotionally make the bulk of the money in this industry and Career choice.

And some are here just to hangout with successful marketers.

This post is geared to the Mind that is here for FREEDOM!

Successful Marketing is a ‘Mental’ Game that can not be figured out.

It has to come from ONLY one thing…DOING!

We as human beings learn fully by ‘experience’.

So in truth marketing is a skill that can only be executed by taking in ‘knowledge’ and applying that knowledge through ACTION!

But before most of us can take the action that we need to take on a ‘daily’ basis, we need to believe that we can be successful.

Now here is the great problem that lies in this industry…Most people don’t believe enough in themselves in order to succeed.

So how do you get the belief if you are not believing yet?

The answer to this question links back to my previous post on Desire.

The only thing that can get a person to take action consistently before they see the type of results that they want (without enough belief) is by having a big enough WHY.

Your why is the real reason you are here reading this article today.

It’s the real reason behind the money goal that you may have. 

So back to the main point of this post today…

All the people who have succeeded before you and before me have given this dream of succeeding online all their heart and soul.

This doesn’t mean selling your soul to the devil (joke).

Because in truth your soul belongs to only ‘One’…Your creator…AKA God!

God is the only one that has full rights to your soul.

And the devil is just an idea of ‘separation’ from God (and the seeming separation from all of your brothers and sisters).

In truth you are not separate from your creator or any other brother or sister here in this Universe.

That seeming separation is the ‘Grand Illusion’.

Now being a ‘spiritual’ being having an temporary experience of separation…you end up here having an physical experience.

And now since you think you are here on earth, you are on a ‘level’ playing field so to speak and have to go through all the motions in order to succeed online and get this thing called FREEDOM  for yourself.

So because of all the BS that has gotten lodged in our minds in the from of ‘limiting’ beliefs, you are forced to get started, feed your mind daily (personal development to undo the BS), learn marketing in the form of potential knowledge and then take action (practical experience).


Not everyone who gets started in this industry will succeed.

Failure is a ‘Myth’. People give up too easy on their dreams due to past ‘conditioning’.

But those who have a big enough desire (why), who are willing to stay in this game long enough and are willing to give it everything that they got! Will succeed.

takeoff-300x218A plane needs all of its POWER in order to create ‘lift’ in order to get up in the sky. Once it gets up to the desired altitude, it only needs partial power (consistent energy but not all of it’s energy) to stay in the sky and keep flying.

If a pilot tries to use less than their planes capacity of engine power to get off of the runway, the plane will make the news. It won’t.

It takes 100% and nothing less.

Are you willing to give this everything you’ve got?

If you are feel more pain by not succeeding then you will succeed.

However if you feel less pain by quitting (because you are willing to settle for where you are in life and can be content with that) then you won’t let yourself succeed.

I don’t know what choice you will make in the end for yourself.

But one thing that I do know is…Everyone who has succeeded already, have given this Internet Marketing thing all they had…

They put their whole heart and souls into their business and themselves.

What are you prepared to do for yourself?

T’Pau – Heart and Soul:

Rory Singh

Rory Singh is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you have received any value here today please support original content bloggers...Please comment, like and share. Let's connect on Facebook.

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  1. Great input Rory! The best thing that you can do on a daily basis is to give it all you’ve got in everything that you do. By giving all you’ve got, you won’t have any doubts on you decisions.

  2. People think that if you just give half the effort, you’ll get half the results but that’s not true. It just doesn’t work that way. You can’t succeed buy trying or dipping your toe in the water. Either you are in or you are out. Great post.

  3. This is a great post Rory!

    Great message in your video, putting your heart and soul into your business (I love how you got locked out of the house and decided to use that time to be productive and shooting a video:)

    Learning will not get you anywhere, learning, doing and then teaching is what will get you there.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Rory Singh

      Our why needs to be very very important to us. If we don’t get this thing…we cry. That’s how big it should be. Thanks Lorraine.

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