HQ High Quality Solo Ads Review – Does this Convert?

I think I have been pitched at least 10 times regarding this solo ads deal on Facebook. Every single time it has been young women (ages 18 to about 22), all pretty and they usually private message me something along these lines…

Hi Rory! I would like to Exchange Ideas and Get to know You!

Come on!

Doesn’t this sound like some script?

Sure it is!

I get all kinds of friends requests on Facebook.

And when I see that the person looks like a real person and they are already friends with many of my friends (in the MMO niche), I usually just add them.

But the thing I pondered with HQ Solos was…

If there traffic is so good, how come they have so many barely legal women trying to ‘pitch’ in on Facebook?


Packages start at $50 for 50 clicks right up to $600 for a thousand ‘unique’ clicks. What the heck do they mean by unique anyway?

Then there’s what they call “Tier 1” Clicks…

50 Clicks for $99.99 up to $664.99 for 700 ‘Unique’ Clicks.

I did some more digging around and found  out that tier 1 means clicks from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

So if this is tier 1, then where the heck does tier 2 come from?

Most likely they are clicks coming from third world countries where most people can not afford to get started with a business opportunity.


If you are planning on using this Solo Ad Provider, just make sure to go slow. I would suggest starting with the smaller package of 50 clicks from the ‘Tier 1’ traffic.

To me personally this is kind of expensive because it comes down to about $2 per click. Yes the higher level packages does end up costing less per click in the long run but before you try any traffic source out, it is always smarter to ‘test’ it first by dipping your toe in the water.

Most new marketers who attempt paid advertising expect way too much too fast. Most newbies will dump a large sum into a provider and hope for the best. Yes it would seem like a smart thing to do but it really isn’t.

Success online in marketing takes time and lots of patience (even with paid ads).

Getting pitched by so many people in such a short period of time kind of turned me off of HQ Solos. But who knows, maybe down the road I may give it a test.


rory singh image

Not every traffic source will ‘convert’ with every single offer.

I wish things would be that easy but they aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong.

IM is a beautiful industry.

It offers the huge reward of FREEDOM for everyone willing to pay the price for their success.

Are you?

If you are looking for a way to make ‘life changing’ income PLUS…the training to teach you how to ‘Create’ Your OWN Well of highly converting traffic, then click here for more info. Income opportunities seem to be a dime a dozen but a real opportunity is something that offers Big Ticket Conversions and the know how to make them!


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