I Asked God for a ‘Sign’ and This is What He Sent Me

FaithLast week I almost ‘sabotaged’ my success and momentum that I worked hard to get going in the form of ‘Targeted’ Traffic, Leads and Sales (New Team Members).

To tell you the truth…

This has happened to me before.

I would start moving into ‘momentum’ and due to something stupid (that I did), I would end up ‘digging’ out all the seeds that I planted.

Well I just about made that big mistake again last week.

It all started when my wife and I had an argument.

We were talking about her part time business of selling Avon.

And I started being an Ass with her (so she said).

I was just asking her if she really understood the ‘numbers’ regarding selling Avon successfully.

I guess I was a little rude with ‘how I was explaining this to her.

What I mean’t was that in order for her to successfully sell Avon as a ‘full time’ business (to the point of $4,000 / mo), that she would have to work 12 to 14 hours per day and deliver all that stuff around town.

What I said to her was…

Your Ass is going to have to be in your car driving all over town to sell Avon’s products for them and if you don’t mind doing all that stuff:

1- Stock Piling Products.

2- Taking Orders.

3- Delivery.

4- Returns


Then I don’t know what to tell you.

Then she told me this…

You (meaning me) have been involved in Internet Marketing for so long and you aren’t a Millionaire yet!

And she got me good with that one!

Because I started to really question myself.

And then I finally said…

God, am I really on the ‘right’ path (referring to IM)?

And also in regards to marketing the Empower Network?

I asked God for a ‘sign’ to let me know if I am on the right Path and with the right Vehicle (the Empower Network).

After that point, my wife had to go out and she told me to cook dinner.

When ever she asks me to make dinner I usually order take out.

But my boys asked me to make dinner (home cooked food) instead of take out.

So while I was making dinner, I tried to make a video for you guys called (180 Days to Freedom featuring Greg Viegas).

But after trying to pound this video out for 45 minutes (nothing seemed to be ‘flowing’ that night maybe due to the fight my wife and I had) then my son walks in and disturbs me.

Then I got fed and cancelled  the video for that night.

After dinner (and about 3 hours of asking God for a ‘sign’) I checked my Gmail and there it was…

I asked God for a sign and he sent me Faith…

My Sign from God


One of my leads that day ‘opted’ into my lead capture page and just hit the sales page and just joined. Then she even ‘upgraded’ to the second level product.

And her first name was Faith.

God was telling me to have ‘faith’ in what I am doing.

Some may call this a coincidence but I call this a ‘synchronistic’ event.

Okay guys, I was being an Ass with my wife and believe me I paid the price that night for being an ass.

My wife didn’t mean what she said but it did hit me hard.

And luckily for me I didn’t sabotage myself again like I did so many times in the past.

Faith if you are reading this right now…

Please don’t let this go to your head.

I don’t know how you will take this.

Hopefully you will see this as me sharing my experience with others.

And Faith,

You have absolutely no excuse to not succeed here.

Your name is FAITH!

I believe that there is greater divine intervention going on in this industry.

In order to succeed, we have to ‘grow’ and we grow by reading personal development.

As we ‘grow’ we start to OPEN our Minds to other possibilities and start looking at things from a ‘different’ perspective.

I believe that the world (or Universe) we are in wasn’t created by GOD.

I believe that we are all ‘collectively’ Sons and Daughters of God and that we somehow created this crazy chaotic world that we live in.

Yes there is ‘beauty’ in this world.

But there is also great pain and suffering here.

Some people even bought into the idea that we must fear God.

A God ‘fearing’ man or woman?

Then most people are going on Facebook and calling God Love and telling people to ‘undo’ the fear and go into the light ETC.

Look, Fear and God shouldn’t go into the same sentence.

Most people on this planet believe that if they go to church that they will go to heaven when they die.

How do you really know?

What if when we die, we get reborn and reincarnate into another story and person?

How do we know?

What if all the lessons we aren’t willing to learn have to be ‘transferred’ over to our next lifetime in the form of Karma?

How do we know?

What if you have lived a thousand times already?

How do we know?

The ONLY thing that I know for sure is…

If God is LOVE (unconditional love), then why would he create a broken ass world like this where people die (over and over), nothing lasts long and everything keep changing?

Come to your ‘own’ conclusions.

I have been hearing about a ‘shift’ that is taking place in this Universe for the longest time.

What if this shift is a mental one?

What if this shift takes place right ‘inside’ your OWN Mind?

The Real Miracle is a Simple ‘Shift’ in Perception.

Some of you may have not watched the video I made above. The first few minutes into it I may seem a bit ‘Cocky’ but this is for a reason and point I am trying to get across.

If you only read the article and failed to watch the video, you will miss out on a lot.

There is a lot more that you can put into a video than just a blog post.

The other day I was watching Adam Sandler’s new movie “The Do Over” and stumbled on this ‘inspiring’ song at the end during the credits (Tomorrow Never Comes):

Rory Singh

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  1. John Goliath

    Thank you very much for this inspiring and encouraging post Rory yes I can also relate to that story in some way, meaning I have second guessed myself many times because I have been trying to actually get into IM since 2002 and have been told many times “you sit on front of the computer for so long and there is no money coming in”.

    I can’t even really get into IM and stay in it because there is always something happening and then I have no money to even keep my Internet connection going
    And then I am forced to take some low paying job to make ends meet and when do that I am taken further away form my dream of IM.

    I even had dreams to come to the USA and Canada, stay in a hotel close to where David Wood lives and meet him personally and to see how he does his business I also wanted to come meet you and see how you do your business on a daily basis.

    But to make that dream a reality is a daily struggle but I have to keep on believing in myself and press forward.

    Best regards

    John A. Goliath

    • Rory Singh


      1- Who ever told you many times …You sit in front of the computer for so long doesn’t know what they are talking about. I am a ‘truck driver’ and I am getting results. That’s just a belief that doesn’t support you.

      2- Every time ‘anyone’ makes the decision to pursue something that has ‘life changing’ potential, road blocks will ‘always’ be put in front of you. Always! Now it’s your job to find a way ‘through’ that said road block.

      3- If you are only making enough money to just get by right now, then you need to find another way to ‘come up’ with the funds to start and keep your online business going (until it starts to bring in income).

      4- You don’t need to come down to Costa Rica and watch David work. You can just login to your back office (EN) and access the ‘8’ Core Commitments. Because this is exactly what David did to make ‘his’ breakthrough.

      5- I am copying David (I am doing the ‘same’ 8 Core Commitments). You don’t have to travel anywhere. It’s in the back office.

      6- Believing in yourself is vital. But you ‘still’ have to back your belief with ‘consistent’ daily action…8 Core steps.

      Thank you for your comments my friend!

    • John,
      I read your comment twice. I don’t know your situation in great detail but I assume that there are many factors that contribute. Your biggest issue is mindset. (You aren’t alone, it’s everyone’s biggest issue) You don’t need to travel to see David work. You know exactly what you need to do in order to succeed. You just have to do it.

      Are you willing to try on the possibility that you don’t think you deserve it? That’s one of the things that I see. If you don’t think you are worthy, even if you know what to do, you’ll procrastinate. You’ll self sabotage yourself. Even if you work your tail off for 24 hours a day, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t think you deserve it.

      I believe that you deserve it. You should applaud yourself for stepping out of the traditional box and attempting what 90% won’t do. You should applaud yourself for taking the time to study blogs like these so that you have a better chance at success. I believe in you and I’m willing to bet that Rory does too. I’m cheering for you. I can’t wait to see you at the top!

      • Rory Singh

        I don’t believe in John. I ‘know’ John is capable. Just waiting for him to realize it! Thanks for your words of wisdom Kenny!

  2. Love this blog Rory – I asked for signs the other day – I got all the 1’s which is Exactly what I asked for.. What an inspiring post – and nO the way to get someone on board ie your wife – is not to knock what she does… I also did Avon – and gave it up.. though I did very well – but yes lots of running around.. Believe is Absolutely paramount 🙂

    • Rory Singh

      Happy for you getting all of your signs. I am not trying to get my wife on board. She doesn’t need to. And I don’t knock Avon, I was just having a temporary episode lol. Thank you Helen. I will tell her what you said as this will make her smile.

  3. Rory, You hit the nail home. And I missed that fluff ball Rico, he super cute. My take on it is he is sulking coz yo havent paid him his cut 75% bro pay up lol! 🙂

    On a serious note I am FAITH, I truly know that I am a seed myself, Planted on this planet to impact someone’s life. I believe we all have our Heaven or Hell on this here planet. Our choices determine which side we live. Most simply drift thru their days in fear of some divine punishment on the last day…Am Glad yo made up with Wifey…A bunch of flowers and some choccie would do for her, Maybe 🙂 Congrats on a new sale bro, Your sharing your story every day is definitely why! Keep rocking!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes you are ‘FAITH’ Julie! I see all the momentum that you are getting in your business! There is no way someone has a drive like yours without faith. You are actually past that point…You know! Good for you!

  4. I hear you bro. I think we all hit that wall where we question what we’re doing.
    When we ask God, we need to be open to the answer and see the signs when he sends them.
    You were blessed with a very direct answer 🙂

  5. [ Smiles ] I enjoyed your video on stubbornness.

    I don’t believe in kicking ass either.

    And, doing a video while you are working is a very brave thing to do!

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