It Could Take You 13 Plus Years to Succeed!

Does the idea of taking 13 to 20 years to succeed online scare you?

That is a horrendous idea right?

But it really doesn’t have to be this way (for you).

But it’s this way for the average person.


Because so many people are looking for ‘typical’ results!

And the great majority of people don’t take this stuff seriously (maybe even you right now)!

Why would people take this industry for granted?

They take it for granted because it’s a virtual world online so to the masses…just because an Online Business can not be felt like a brick and mortar business, it doesn’t seem real.

And this stems from having a ‘poor’ Mindset issue.

The masses come online and they see some people making a ton of money online.

Part of them know that it’s true.

Although some ‘newbies’ may strike it off as a BS Scam.

But if you think about it…

It’s the same scam newbies that will keep coming back to this industry (even if they think this industry is a scam).

And why would any ‘one’ think that Online Success is a scam?

Because most people are used to thinking in a ‘certain’ way.

Many folks believe that the ONLY way to make a lot of money is by ‘traditional’ business models…Like Franchises and other forms of ‘physical’ businesses.

So what keeps happening over and over is this…

1- Some guy or gal has an ‘occurrence’ in their lives

2- They end up Online

3- They spend months on end just trying to figure out if this is for real.

4-  Then after about 3 to 6 months they decide to ‘try’ something. Give it a shot!

5- Then after joining something, taking very little action or none at all (because they want to ‘see’ if it will work before putting any real time and work into it).

6- End up quitting within their first month or even first week.

7- Then they try something else.

8- By this time they managed to ‘convince’ themselves that people are making real money online.

9- So they try this ‘new’ business out hoping to strike it rich (but it doesn’t).

10- Then they decide to really get serious. They start doing real ‘due’ diligence’.

11- They start looking for the ‘magic’ system.

12- They start looking for the ‘magic’ leader.

13- They start looking for the ‘right’ team.

14- They start looking for who is going to give them the best BONUSES. This is the crazy part because the majority of people who love bonuses are not ‘action takers’. Even if they did manage to get something that can really help them, most don’t even open the gift and use it.

15- They end up quitting due to the lack of action in the business building process. They didn’t do enough Income producing activities. Why? Because most of the people are just ‘testing’ the waters before they go all out. Even after their third deal.

16- They pack it in. After ‘trying’ out about 3 different opportunities, most people get really pissed and even leave the industry with a bitter taste in their mouth…They’re nothing but scams (they say)!

17- They leave for maybe a year or two or even three. 

18- Some bullshit happens in their lives again! The Universe will force us to grow one way or another.

19- They end up back online again.

20- This time they decide to do things differently.

21- But then they struggle once again.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to ‘Collapse’ time:


Because most people still don’t take this industry serious enough.

Because most people think reading and personal development is a ‘gimmick’ to sell stuff or BS people into buying more products.

It’s not a gimmick.

Because if you don’t work on your mindset and ridding yourself of dark thoughts, you won’t make yourself take consistent action.

The people who succeed online to the ranks of ‘FREEDOM’ make more than the majority of doctors and lawyers.

The people who let themselves succeed by consistent action, personal development and perseverance can live anywhere on this planet!


Most people can struggle and go through 13 to 20 years of struggle before they start taking this industry serious (like you should be taking it right now).

Most people don’t take this industry serious because it’s very inexpensive to get started (between $500 to $20,000 depending on what system you utilize).

And $20,000 is just a drop in a bucket compared to buying a franchise for $250,000 to $2,000,000 just to get a well paid job (trading time for income).

And the main reason why people don’t take this industry serious enough is because they are ‘stuck’ in a way of thinking that just doesn’t work anymore.

Come on guys!

Just because you are used to money making ideas that stem from ‘physical’ businesses instead of ‘virtual’ businesses, doesn’t mean that the ‘virtual’ business shouldn’t receive the same respect as a brick and mortar.

So yes there seems to be a whole bunch of stuff that you need to do before success can come.

But isn’t it worth it?

Isn’t your very OWN FREEDOM worth it?

Here is a Feel good high energy song to help you wake up (this process that you are all going through is to do one thing…Wake You UP!):

Avicii – Wake Me Up

Rory Singh

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  1. This is a great blog and SO TRUE! I can’t believe how true it is! So many people take NO action, or are on Facebook all day so they call it work. Only WORK is work! Keep the content coming!

  2. I had to chuckle Rory because what you say in here is so darned true. You see it time after time — that whole way of thinking. This quote from your post really hit home — I never thought of it this way, but I’m sure lots of people do: “just because an Online Business can not be felt like a brick and mortar business, it doesn’t seem real.”

  3. Yea man! If it took 10 years to create a 7 figure income…wouldn’t it be worth it?
    Most in traditional business are stoked over $50k per year.
    It just takes time and consistent effort 🙂

    • Rory Singh

      Yes it would be worth it. But what I am saying here is…success online can happen a heck of a lot faster than that if people would just realize what they are doing wrong and correct it. Thank you Steve!

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