Out of the Darkness

qtq80-P8dNcZIf ever there was a ‘higher’ purpose to this industry, then this would be it…

Have you felt stuck for a very long time?

In life?

In business?

And online?

Did you seek out the best system, the best leader and the best team to join but for some ‘unseen’ reason, you still can’t create ‘lift’ in your business?

Well if so, then here’s something that you might not have considered…

Hopefully (for yourself and your own success) you watched the video above.

Here is the book that I mentioned above.

I highly recommend it (remember leaders are readers)…

The Power of Intention By Wayne Dyer


  1. Helen Lingard

    Have read this book over and over again, watched the video etc.. Love Wayne Dyer… whilst hes still available in print.. what a loss that hes no longer here in Person 🙂 great share Rory thank you

  2. Loetta Paulsen

    Great post and video. I’ve watched a lot of the late Dr Wayne Dyer shows. I like his quote “If you change the way you look at things, you will change the things you see.” Loetta

  3. Theresa Lovelace

    I like how you put that, Rory….97% are not letting themselves succeeed. It’s really up to each one of us to make it happen for ourselves….plan, action and consistency all wrapped up in mindset! 🙂

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