Paid Traffic – Is This Your Shortcut to Success Online?

I keep seeing comments all over the Internet.

They are usually the same ole same ole comments…

“If I ONLY had $10K to drop down on paid ads…I would be a Millionaire!”

A lot of people who are pursuing this industry of make money online believe this.

Maybe even you reading this right now.

But I disagree.


Before I explain why, I have to admit…

Paid advertising is the fastest way to bring ‘targeted’ traffic to your sales funnel.

And there are people (Gurus like Vick Strizheus) who can create a brand new system and start funneling paid traffic into the thing while experiencing a whole wack of sales that are spitting out the other end.

But can a new marketer (or even intermediate marketer) who hasn’t broken free online yet get the same results?

Most likely not.

And there is a reason for this.

I have heard endless stories before about people who came into the Empower Network who ‘tried’ a lot of paid advertising. And for some reason it just didn’t work for the great majority of them.

So yes paid ads can supercharge an online business.

But (and this is a big butt), paid advertising is still a learning curve.

When I first came online, I did use paid advertising.

And it was fast (and very effective).

But it costed me about $11,000 just to learn how to run one source of paid advertising.

And on top of this, on top of it being a learning curve, there still is more to this make money process…

What this whole topic of…If I ONLY had $10K comes down to this…Another excuse:

So if you watched the whole video above, it can save you years of waiting to become successful.

Paid marketing can work for you.

And YES it really can ‘supercharge’ your earning potential online!

But not until you realize a few things.

And if you watched the video above, then you will come to realize that there is a time and place to use paid advertising to take your business to the NEXT Level.

But not until you get to a certain point in your Online building process.

And when ever you get to this point, you my friend will become unstoppable.

But ONLY when you finally hit these points (that I mentioned above in the video) in your process to Online Success, that you will actually get to use the SPEED of Paid Marketing to ‘Supercharge’ your earning potential to an area that you may not even comprehend right now…

Danza Kuduro – Fast And Furious (HD)


    • Sue Price

      There is no easy answer for marketing. I have had some success with paid marketing but love the free social media strategies too. I also agree our beliefs play a huge part in our success.
      I love seeing your dog on your walks Rory.

  1. Luis Craveiro

    Thanks for the insights Rory, I had my issues with paid traffic initially but it got better. You are right, there is a learning curve and one also needs to now the purpose of their ads.

  2. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hi Coach Rico and his Vessel coach Rory ;),

    What an interesting topic. Yes we all desite to make IM work big time. And most of us rush into various tools including Paid advertising to ake it happen.Yet like any resource it needs one to invest in learning how to leverage it for long term gain.

    Most people really would give anything to stand on stage with the big check, for whatever reasons. That’s why its said that people will do anything for recognition! Thanks for sharing Rico’s message. Its great!

  3. Mark Eaves

    Great tips Rory.

    Yes, we were told that paid ads was the way to really get your business going, and we paid for it…in more ways than one.

    It is a great resource, but there is a lot to learn before you start buying leads.

    Thanks for sharing this

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