Pitching Your Business to People on Facebook? Good or Bad Marketing?

I keep getting people hitting me up on Facebook regularly trying to ‘pitch’ their deal to me.

Last night I heard a guy who has made over $900,000 online telling new marketers to do ‘active’ marketing as a way to make sales quicker.

This leader was explaining the difference between Active and Passive Marketing.

He referred to Active Marketing as a method that a new marketer could start doing right away as a way to make ‘quicker’ sales.

And referred to Passive Marketing as things like blogging, video marketing and SEO as ‘long term’ strategies that will bring them sales ‘later’.

To me this is just bad advice.

Yes this guy has made more money than me online (for now) but I still think this is bad advice.


Because most ‘striking up’ conversations on Facebook (just to sell people your stuff and make money from them) is still ‘pitching’ in my book.

Most Network Marketers come online to get away from feeling cheap and pitching.

They come here to learn how to market themselves professionally.

And when ever someone comes to me trying to sell their products, I get the feeling that the ONLY person they care about is themselves.

I don’t know about you.

That’s just the way I feel.

PLUS…most people will label them as cheap spammers.

And if you are anything like me, you would much rather have people coming to you instead of the other way around.

I realize that some people are ‘sociopaths’ and couldn’t care less about others and can do well with this ‘active’ marketing thing because they probably are hitting people up all day long on Facebook.

But here’s the thing…

A new marketer usually is very ‘excited’ to sell stuff.

And if they are not used to giving value to people, they will get ‘rejection’ and can develop ‘negative’ beliefs regarding themselves and their products.

That leader thinks he is giving good advice.

But I think the reason why he is trying to get them to do ‘active’ pitching marketing on Facebook is because he may be ‘hoping’ that his team makes money quicker and nothing ‘motivates’ better than results.

However, nothing will cripple your success faster than getting labeled as a ‘spammer’ who ONLY cares about one person…themselves.

Passive Marketing (what the leader called it) is actually professional marketing. And anything professional takes time to learn and get it right. Plus it will pay you a lot better for the ‘long run’ too!

Life is too short guys and we are not getting any younger.

Let’s stop the insanity!


Rory Singh

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    • Rory Singh

      I was saying that no it’s NOT a good idea to ‘pitch’ our business on Facebook. Marketers and bloggers like yourself Renard can use Facebook as a platform for providing value but not for ‘pitching’. Thanks for your comment!

  1. Rory great post. People that get on the internet forget that people like to do business with people they know, trust and like.
    The internet reaches the whole world but life is about connecting one person at a time.
    A quick pitch from a total stranger may not be the best approach. A blog or video is how they get to know you. Texting is how you get to know them if they don’t blog.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes some folks don’t act online like they act in the ‘traditional’ world. But what they have to remember is that ‘virtual’ people are real people too. Plus many are ‘taught’ bad advice from some marketers. Thank you Earl!

  2. I appreciate your opinion but I respectfully disagree. I think it’s ok to pitch your opportunity on fb just as long as you do it professionally. I happen to pitch my opportunity on fb but only if I think it’s appropriate. My first priority is to make a connection and serve. Serving could be giving them advice, recommending something (like a book) and offering my opportunity if I find that they they are looking for something and they are a good fit. Thank you for posting.

    • Rory Singh

      Doesn’t sound to me like you are ‘pitching’ anything. You are giving value in your way…serving and then introducing your opportunity. Nothing wrong with that. However, I myself don’t approach anyone on FB and introduce myself and business like that. I actually use Internet Marketing in order to get prospects (my target market) coming to me instead of the other way around. I respect your feedback Kenny!

  3. There’s a different between just trying to sell to people on Facebook and building relationships. I personally always say that the fastest way to start making money is by prospecting. Period. Whether it is offline or online on social media.

    However, you have to do it professionally. I would never tell my students to go and spam everybody, because that’s not what I do. If you can go and MEET new people daily on Facebook or any other social media and detach yourself from the outcome of making a damn sale, you WILL make more money.

    And especially when you combine audience building (aka prospecting or meeting new people) with sharing good content, people will be curious about what you’re doing. And you don’t have to “spam” them your biz opp.

    That’s my personal opinion. And I still believe that active prospecting is what will help you make money quicker, and passive marketing is a long term strategy.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes building relationships ‘first’ based on value. So you are not ‘pitching’.

      But I get people on Facebook who come to me via chat and here’s how it goes…

      1- Hi Rory! Let’s ‘exchange ideas and get to know each other better’.

      2- What do you do?

      3- How’s that going for you…I reply Good!

      4- Would you be interested in taking a look at this business (their business), but I say NO, I am satisfied with my business. Not looking for another one!

      5- Then they tell me that its benefits…easier to sell ECT. I say no, I am not looking for another biz.

      6- Then they tell me they can help me. I said I am doing fine (since I usually have more experience and results than they do). How can they help me when they themselves don’t know how to ‘attract’ potential prospects to them?

      Anyways, I see that you are not ‘pitching’ anything. You know how to build relationships on social media based on value. Thanks Jelena!

  4. great post Rory. Having come from a face to face sales environment I do understand the frowns and discomfort about pitching especially to the person on the receiving end – however there is nothing wrong with pitching per say. only the way its done. Having said that though the bottom line is generating enough sales. Attraction marketing and all the other ways of getting customers to come to us makes no sense until there is a transaction. so approaching people on whichever platform and rumming onr opportunity down their throat is particularly bad but I believe so long as we provide more value than someone is willing to pay for then we have succeeded. so getting people facebook with your opportunity is perfectly fine so long as you are looking to provide more value first and find if theres a pain. I use both active and passive marketing. I blog, I contact people who visit my blog but I also contact people on facebook offering to help them in a way. It all depends i think

    • Rory Singh

      Sure. I never said getting a sale on Facebook is bad. I just said that no one should do ‘active’ pitching. Pitching and your business shouldn’t go in the same sentence. It seems like you are doing what I said in the video above…attracting people to you based on value. Thanks Andy!

  5. Start a conversation to potentially make a new friend, colleague and if everything aligns a customer, client or business partner. Its as simple as that. I definitely believe in WHO I LISTEN TO…personality matters a heck of a lot!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes you may be good at this (based on your personality type) but anyone like myself…won’t. Thanks Julie!

  6. There is a way to communicate vs. pitching on any social media platform. And since most people just see how many people they can connect because of the enormity the internet brings, new marketers or online business owners think that people are online just waiting for them to sell their new deal. That is where education about online marketing and communication is key. Now I know that you can teach and show and people will still spam and pitch. But I am seeing a lot more people in my circle starting to apply what we teach and train when it comes to connecting with people online. Plus, when you think of building connections rather than prospecting (never did like that word, it reminds me of guys digging for gold, lol) you are building a better business for the longevity rather than a quick one time sale.

    • Rory Singh

      Building ‘connections’ that’s what it’s all about. Leading with VALUE always results with connections. And some (connections) can last a life time! Thank you Lynn!

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