The ‘One’ Thing That Will Make ALL The Difference in the World For Your Online Business!

qtq80-pt9j0QOnline success is a ‘process’ that involves a specific set of actions steps to take on a ‘daily’ basis. Once you form a habit of doing these same things over and over (while remaining consistent), eventually after awhile, you will become successful.

But you will also have to be ‘ready’.

When I say ready I mean you finally got fed up of your lifestyle (or some issue in your life that is linked to money and time).

You’ll know it when you are finally ready to take action and really do this Internet Marketing thing.

But sadly most people just can’t get  to that point.

And there are many reasons (mental blocks) that may be holding you back (if you just can’t get yourself to take consistent action). If you have visited this blog before then you may have noticed that I have shared many things that can and will hold us back (if we let them).

So if you are here today and for the life of you…you just can not get yourself to take action (or even get started), then you may have this problem…

You are probably ‘unclear’ as to what you are really after.

**Stay tuned and watch the video about a home depot guy who Became FREE Online by get this…

cheeriosA ‘simple’ box of Cheerios!

When ever I do new member coaching calls, one of the first things I ever ask a person is…”What do you want?”

And most people usually reply saying that they want the ability to make a lot of money online.

I ask how much?

– Sky’s the Limit is the usual one.

When ever someone tells you that the sky’s the limit in regards to their income goals, they have absolutely no idea how much they want.

But more importantly…

Exactly what’s BEHIND their income goals.

And if you don’t have a clue to what exactly it is you’re after, then how the heck will you ever get it?

And on top of that…

A lot of people think they want a bigger bank account, a fancy car, a big house or even a yacht.

Sure some folks get all pumped up over physical things but I bet what you are after right now is more ’emotional’ than physical.

Do you want some motivation?

Better yet…

How bout some ‘INSPIRATION’?

Because you my friend will become an ‘Unstoppable’ Internet Entrepreneur if you can figure out what this ‘one’ thing is (that all top income earners use as fuel to light their fires)…

jjproToday I want to share the story of a guy who used to work at a Home Depot for 80 hours per week (and how he changed his life with a ‘simple’ box of cheerios).

His name is John.

I met John back in 2007 in Las Vegas at my first ever company training event that another guy by the name of John Lavenia hosted.

John used to get up at 4 am everyday to go to work.

He would go into the bedroom of his two small children while they slept and kissed them goodbye. Then he would go to work.

After work, he would get home after dark and again…

His two small children would be sleeping when he returned.

His heart wept and he felt like a dying man inside.

His wife was also in pain because she loved John so much.

Anyways guys…

This is turning out to be a long story (but believe me it’s a very interesting one indeed).

If any of you have interest (or were ever involved in Empower Network, Digital Altitude, Traffic Authority or MLSP), this story is related to all of them.

Watch the video and learn how John changed his life with a simple idea…

A Box of Cheerios:

That was one heck of a story and I did mention a few names of people who come to this blog. I also mentioned a few companies above and how they are all related to this one story.

This whole blog (and especially this blog post) is all designed to do one thing…

Allow each and everyone of you to succeed online by removing the mental blocks that stop us from taking action towards our dreams.

Your dreams are in you for a reason.

Don’t make the mistake like the great majority of people on this planet…

By giving up on your dreams.

Because your dreams are linked to your heart.

And your heart is linked to the Universe.

And the Universe is linked to God (your father no matter what faith you belong to).

You are a co’creator with him.

But not without him!

Hope you got some value here today!


If you watched the video I made together with Rico, then you will find out what that ‘one’ thing that all Top Producers use and what constantly allows them to take action so effortlessly every single day.

And if you find out what that one thing is that I mentioned in the video, you will eventually start feeling this way (over time)…You will start feeling like a winner. And winning doesn’t mean to be making Millions of dollars every single day. Winning can be interpreted as…taking consistent action, making mistakes along the way but holding steady long enough to ‘Let Yourself Succeed’:

DJ Khaled “All I Do Is Win”


  1. Sandra Copeland

    OH YES !!~ you must take the action needed along with being consistent!!~ But be ready !~ for your success !!~ Love this and to be honest ~~ am I ready? ?

  2. Judith Moor

    Awesome post. Yes, ‘your dreams are in you for a reason’. John’s story very inspirational. Great post and great share Rory. Thank you for sharing. Very Inspiring.

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hey Rico,
    Huge woofafternoon to ya too! And thanks for using Rory to gimme a Shout out. Much appreciated! 🙂
    Heaven and hell are indeed a state of mind and I highly recommend the book “Out witting the devil” to understand more on this!

    I always wondered why its called Purgatory Forrest? When will it become paradise 😀
    Desire is a powerful emotion. Most of us dont use it enough! Powerful post about what will make the difference in your online business! 🙂
    Julie Syl form UK

  4. Carol Makowski

    Great point you made, Rory. We tend to think of our “why” superficially. We actually have to dig deeper to find the true motivation. Very interesting story. PS — Love Rico. Is he a border collie? (Appreciate the shout out).

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