The ‘Only’ Thing More Powerful than Belief

If you have been online for some time now, then you have probably grown accustomed to the saying that in order to succeed online or even in traditional Network Marketing…

You Need to Believe!

You need to believe in yourself.

You need to believe in your product.

You need to believe in your company.

You need to believe in your mission (what ever that is to you).

Now just belief in itself is not enough.

If you do finally start believing, this does not mean that a big bag of money will just fall into your lap.

You will have to back that belief with action.

And lot’s of it!

But before you take the action (that you need to be taking right now) that will ‘propel’ you into momentum, you need to believe.

Because if you don’t believe, you won’t take any (or enough) action.

Make sense?

If you have a job or ‘traditional’ business, you most likely won’t show up to work for someone else unless you see a pay check at the end of the week.

And this is a great problem why so many people struggle online.

They know that they will get paid at their job.

They know if they show up and do the work, they will get paid.

Now if you aren’t taking any action (in regards to your online biz) or just some action but not being consistent, then you have something blocking you.

And 99% of the time it comes down to ‘limiting’ beliefs (based on ‘mindset’ issues).

So in a nutshell, you won’t take the action that you need to take unless you ‘already’ believe.

Now getting the belief if you don’t have it or without working on your ‘mindset’ in the form of personal development…daily, become really really hard.

And that is why all successful marketers have one thing in common…They are all readers!

All successful people in the online world and even in the ‘traditional’ world are readers. They work on themselves.


But if you are still doing all that stuff that I listed above and you still are having issues, then there is ONLY One thing that is more POWERFUL than belief…

And that is your Desire!

Your desire is your reason WHY you are here today.

What is the big reason why you are pursuing this industry today?

Why are you here?

And if you don’t know why, you are just fooling yourself.

You know what you are really after.

If I ask some of you right now what you’re really after, most will say money.

But money is just not good enough.

What is really behind the money?

I have heard other marketers tell people that they need to have a ‘huge’ desire.

Something extravagant!

Something gigantic!

But honestly this desire doesn’t have to be extravagant.

It just has to be big enough in your own mind right now to keep you in the game long enough to succeed.

How strong should it be?

Your desire should be so strong that it makes you cry like a baby if you don’t get it.

Your desire is very important.

There are no mistakes in this Universe. 

Sure people can make mistakes but the Universe makes no mistake!

They say that the average person dies by the age of 30 but goes on living as an ’empty’ vessel because most people give up on their dreams by that age.

Most people give up on their dreams because they have bought into some BS from our society that has been imposed on us for millenniums (or a lot longer).

We have been ‘brain washed’, negatively.

Little by little, our ‘Real Magic’ is stripped away until it seems like it’s totally gone.

And this is why you need the personal development so bad in order to succeed in this industry.

Personal Development is another form of ‘brain washing’.

Actually no!

I said that wrong.

Personal Development is a way to help you ‘undo’ all the blocks that is blocking your ‘true’ potential.

Personal Development is a way to ‘FREE’ Your Mind.

You will never experience true freedom until you free your mind.

Conclusion: You are here right now because you want FREEDOM.

And if you are not admitting that to yourself, you are in denial.

And if you are in denial, then no one can help you get this FREEDOM that you want.

You need to be very ‘willing’.

Step 1- Admit it: Admit that you are here for FREEDOM!

Step 2- Desire Check: How deep or strong is your desire. If you are not crying at the thought of never getting it, it’s not strong enough.

Or maybe you are not looking at the ‘right’ desire.

Your desire doesn’t have to be fancy or ‘extravagant’. 

I know a guy who used to work at Home Depot.

His desire was very simple.

It was just a box of Cheerios.


Because to him it represented being able to sit down ‘everyday’ with his son and daughter to have breakfast.

And the thought of that…not being able to eat breakfast everyday with his children, made him cry like a baby.

This guys name is John. I met him personally in Las Vegas a while back.

Your desire only needs to be big in YOUR mind!

And if it is, it will keep you in the game long enough to get the belief, take the action and break the friggin ice!!

And if your desire is that strong, then no other thing or idea will ever satisfy you.

There are people dying of cancer and similar diseases that the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries like to label as natural causes.

They tell us that BS because they are making a ton of money with disease ‘treatment’.

They love disease because it make BIG money!

So what are you going to do now?

There are more steps like taking action consistently ETC, but you won’t ever reach that stage until you take the first two steps above.

Don’t die with the music still in you. 

Success in this industry is NOT ‘Rocket Science’.

Making money online is quite easy.

It’s just not instant.

It’s a process and if you don’t want to go through the process, you may suffer.

But you will surely suffer if your desire is strong enough and you are sitting ‘idly’ by.

Your Dreams are in you for a reason!

A very good one!

Gary Wright – Dream Weaver:

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    • Rory Singh

      I have heard this quote from the Late Dr Dyer. And he was a great example (even though he’s no longer with us physically), because he lived his life with great fulfillment! Thank you Jelena!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes belief and action have to go hand in hand. But most people don’t believe and that is why the many take very little action. Thanks Kay!

  1. Awww the Real rockstar made an appearance, hey Rico 🙂

    Sitting down with my family to a meal on a beach lots of times a year…Seriously lets talk your Vision, Your Desire, Your Why…!The Why is not awesome if the Vision doesnt follow it.

    I can vouch for the statement that most Network marketers who are crushing it online make more than Docs and legals. I am an ex legal mind and I know you are right!

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