The ‘Pattern’ Will KEEP Repeating itself Until We Learn the ‘Lessons’

adversityWhat 3 things (that you don’t like in life) keep repeating itself?

Is this a fun process to go through?

No it’s not and you can take it from a stubborn Son of a Gun like me.

I had ‘3’ things that kept repeating themselves over and over…

1- Lack of Money (never ending debts). I was over $50K in debt that just wouldn’t go away for about the past 8 years. 

2- Circumstances that KEPT me ‘Angry’. I kept attracting circumstances like bad drivers on the road, co workers and supervisors who did silly things to drive me nuts and even family members who really pushed my buttons.

3- Self Sabotaging My Online Success. Every time I planted seeds of success like…Sales funnels, lead capture pages that actually worked and even ideas that started working, I would get to the point of almost succeeding and then for some reason…Dig things up and sabotaging my seeds over and over again.

You see…

I was a very stubborn person who was set in his ways:

As a young child I came to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (age 3) and was dropped into a population of almost 99% white. 

And no don’t get me wrong.

This is not some kind of ‘racist’ story.

I am merely stating some facts of my life.

I have many white (Caucasian) friends. My best friend on this whole planet is white and was born in Ottawa. His parents are BOTH American and his background is German.

So I am not a racist to white folks.

But I was a little brown boy who migrated to Canada and felt very alienated because I just looked different.

I went through many of my early years as being a ‘target’ of racial profiling.

Yes I was picked on by some of the white kids  pretty bad during my childhood.

And also found myself in many fights at school.

After awhile I created a suit of ‘armor’ to kind of protect me.

This ‘Suit’ of Armour actually prevents us from accessing our REAL Potential because it’s ‘unnatural’.

Over the years it didn’t take much for anything to set me off.

I became very ‘confrontational’ to say the least.

But since I was such a stubborn Son of a Gun, lessons kept repeating themselves over and over.

Finally not near the end of 2014, something very dire in my life happened.

I can not share exactly what it was.

One day I will tell this story Online (and this is one heck of an ‘ADVERSE’ Story) but right now is not the time for the telling of this tale just yet.

But to make a long story short…

I attracted one heck of an adverse situation into my life.

I even got injured and couldn’t work for almost a full year.

I even came to the point of feeling sorry for myself and blaming everyone else (but me) for attracting this circumstance into my life.

However, it wasn’t until I asked…

“What Am I supposed to learn from this” – that things started to slowly turn back around in my favor.

This Great ‘Adversity’ of mine was to teach me the lesson that I was too angry.

It was like God said enough of the BS with Rory Singh and it literally felt like a lighting bolt was hurled out of the sky and hit me right in my ass.

And when I finally got it…


ONLY then things started to turn around for me.

I still get angry from time to time but have learned to keep it from making me ‘react’ to it.

Situations still turn up almost every day but they are getting milder and milder.

Or maybe it’s just me getting milder.

So what’s the point of this whole post?

This post is about me sharing with you…

If you have ‘3’ things that you don’t like and they keep happening to you over and over, then there is a great lesson that you are over looking.

If you don’t have three things that keep happening, then do you have at least one?

The great majority of people on this planet love to blame others for their problems…

1- It’s the Economy

2- It’s the Government

3- It’s my Wife

4- It’s my Husband

5- It’s my Parents

6- It’s my kids

I did this!

Maybe some of you are doing this right now.


If you are trying to succeed and if you may have been at this Internet Marketing thing for some time without ‘experiencing’ the results that you want,


If your life seems to be an endless stream of BS then…


You can choose to put a stop (or at least start to turn things around) to the ‘insanity’.


By asking what is the ‘purpose’ of this bull shit? 

And if you remain patient, the answer will come.

Don’t like adversity?

Who does.

But there is a GREAT Lesson in each one.

And if you learn it (your lesson), your whole life can turn around.

It’s 100% your choice!

Undo ‘enough’ bull shit and you will actually get to your ‘core’ (the real ‘secret’ sauce) and then Your REAL Hero will be let out (he or she is just ‘dying’ to get out) to ‘Shine’.

Get it?

Hopefully you do.

But if you don’t, then maybe you may have to go even further ‘into the darkness’ to finally see your light.

It’s usually ONLY when we end up on our knees that we’ll truly be ready to OPEN our Minds.

Rory Singh

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about sabotaging those seeds mate. I also did that all the time until I decided to get consistent. These 3 things indeed keep repeating themselves unless addressed!

    • Rory Singh

      Based on my ‘own’ personal experience…I couldn’t even get to the point of becoming consistent (or staying consistent). My anger issue held me back for a long time until I finally ‘acknowledged’ that I had an anger issue. Only then was I able to move forward. Thanks Kay!

  2. Dr. J. Meirzwa

    Funny, I was just in a situation today where I have that “I told you so” attitude that it flamed up arguments between myself and a relative. I ended up winning the argument but hurting the feeling of the other person.

    Thanks for this great post! I’m sure I’ll be reminded next time of the principles you’ve mentioned here about facing adversity.

    • Rory Singh

      Our ‘Ego’ loves to seek domination. It always wants to be right. And it can definitely hold us back (if we let it). Thanks Dr.J for sharing your own story!

  3. Oh man.. I’m so familiar with all of that.. You just gotta make a decision to stop it and be consistent with your efforts. When I did that, things started to change. Thanks for sharing your story Rory!

  4. Man, I can’t wait to read about your untold situation. That’s going to be one hell of a success story as well as testimony fit others to hear. I had a rebellious anger that I refused to acknowledge and address that kept me from seeing what I was capable of for years. I blame everything on anything and anyone but myself. Dude, keep sharing your story. It’s powerful.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes one heck of a story indeed! Great to see that you are moving forward by learning your own lessons too. You have taken ‘responsibility’ for your own issues and that’s only when you can ‘step into your own POWER’. Sounds like you are doing just that Lyndon! Thank you!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes we can be unaware of doing something that could hurt us. But what we can do is ‘ask’ ourselves (or God)…what is holding me back? And if we are patient…answers will come. Thank you Artreice.

  5. Great post Rory, thanks for sharing your Story. Our posture in life goes a long way toward how people see and treat us. We have all made mistakes and blamed others but in the end it’s all in our mind..

  6. We have lots of paths we take some taking us further and others closer to our desired goals. We have the power to change and from this post Rory you did. Thanks for sharing with us. And No yo dont have to share that thing that probably still hurts a wee bit. Unless you really have to. And why are yo sabotaging your Biz Partner’s efforts to Multiply and Duplicate 🙂 Aaahhh Rico should raise his fees!

    • Rory Singh

      I will share that story because it’s one heck of a POWERFUL story and success story! Just got to! But just not yet. Thanks Julie!

  7. If you keeping going around what is blocking you it just comes back stronger the next time. Guy Finely said something that resonates with me ” Take responsibility for your life experience You are every event you meet.

    • Rory Singh

      Until we learn the ‘lesson’ the Universe is trying to teach us…we will stay in an ‘endless’ loop of things that keep repeating until that said lesson is learned. That’s what I meant. Thank you Herschel.

    • Rory Singh

      It can be hard but not nearly as hard as being caught up in an endless pattern of BS that we don’t like. To me it’s much easier to face and learn the lesson. Most people are not even ‘aware’ that any ‘seeming’ Adversity is their best friend. Adversity is the ‘gate keeper’ that will let you on through to the next phase of your life if we learn the lesson in it. Thanks Steve.

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