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I have seen many comments made online like…”If I Only had $10K to plop down in a marketing budget…I would finally be successful online!”

I don’t believe this for one minute and the people who say stuff like this have no idea what they are talking about.

People who say stuff like this are stuck in their jobs not because of a ‘lack’ of money to start marketing (or an Online Business) but because they ‘lack’ the right mindset…

A Mindset that will actually support them instead of working for them.

Learning how to become a ‘Influencer’ (type of marketer) trumps a Paid Marketer (someone who solely relies on paid advertising for traffic) any day!


Here’s the thing…

Many people who became successful to the point of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the point of Millions, in the past, are back in their jobs today.


Because many of these people learned how to become ‘dependent’ on Paid Advertising strategies alone:

And anyone who is dependent on something (outside themselves) is susceptible to market changes (that can and will happen especially online).

Don’t get me wrong here.

Paid marketing has leverage (and a lot of it) but the marketer who ONLY knows how to funnel paid traffic stops making consistent sales if the market turns, if their products become saturated and if their paid traffic strategy stops working for what ever reason (as it keeps happening from time to time, what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow).

The founder of Empower Network (David Wood) didn’t have the funds to do paid advertising when he first got startedĀ online.

He was a guy who got involved in the home business industry back in 2002 with a company called Amway.

Dave struggled for years and the only thing that worked for him was learning how to ‘Influence’ others into buying his products.

When he came online back in 2009, he did plug into another system that taught him how to market himself effectively online.

But he is the type of person who has quite a personality naturally.

And along with his personality, his online training and his influence, what happened next was completely mind blowing…

He managed to put together this company (Empower Network) and transferred all that success ‘energy’ (that is based on the POWER of Influence) into a team of marketers.

This in turn was a result of creating over $185 Million dollars in the span of 5 years.

Something that has never happened before online (with this type of company and model).

After I got started with Empower I bought all of the products and actually dived head first into them.

Most people in this industry buy products just to sell them back for profit.

But that is a big mistake!

Luckily for me (and the people who became successful with this very platform before me) I started plugging into the full potential of these products (that we offer here) and began ‘applying’ them.

I learned how to come out of my shell (I was not a video type of person before) and low and behold…started getting awesome results with my marketing online.

And it’s all because of influence, the value in this product line and taking lots of action!

I see some other companies out there where the founders come from a paid ads background and they are teaching company wide how to leverage paid ads.

But here’s the thing…

If their products ever stop selling for what ever reason or their paid marketing strategies ever stop converting, these guys are ‘dead’ in the water.

Many of them (who solely rely on paid ads) will be back to the 9 to 5 job sooner than later.

Unless they learn how to become an influencer like Dave Wood.

There have been some people who even tried to market EN with paid ads but failed.

They didn’t fail because the system doesn’t convert.

Most of these guys failed because they didn’t plug into the products, didn’t apply what we teach here and they didn’t work on their own mindsets through daily personal development.

I have to do personal development every day like my life depends on it because in truth it does. It really does!


Influence based marketers can market any thing, any system and don’t experience recession in their business no matter what time of the year it is.

Influence based marketers have the power to influence other successful marketers.

People who solely rely on paid marketing (and who don’t know how to influence) for an income online, can experience set backs (or can end up losing all of their hard earned success).

Influence based marketing takes consistent daily action and is NOT for lazy people.

But if influence based marketing has the power to change your lifestyle, isn’t it worth it?

Want to learn how to become an ‘Influential’ Powerhouse Marketer?

Then click: here

(This is not Empower Network).

Rory Singh

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  1. Rory, that is so true, I truly believe giving value to your market, consistently is the only strategy that truly lasts throughout time. Relying only on paid marketing is not going to get you the type of people in the organization that you want to create!

  2. Powerful post Rory! Influence is so powerful. Once you build it, it doesn’t matter what the market does. It’s so good it almost feels like cheating. Thank you for sharing.

  3. that spot on. learning to give value to the market place and building an audience and a tribe because systems and platforms change all the time. i also find that paid ads come in after you have become very successful to a certain level. Thanks for sharing Rory

  4. Wwooow I love Dave Wood’s energy and use of the Inner man to create life success. This is an Awesome post Rory on the power of influential based marketing! I agree with you, most people fail because of the inability to work on their mindset. And thus duplicaton becomes a problem for them. Energy…We gotta Tap into the right energy! Most people invest and then tap into the doubts, fearmongering and lack mentality of those that havent invested a sou in their lives at all!

    Thanks for sharing

  5. thanks for this great content. David Wood truly has a remarkable story especially with the level of success he has been able to achieve. You are absolutely right when you mention influence. it is the one thing in this industry we must all strive to master.

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