Is There a ‘Higher’ Purpose to What We Are Doing Online?

qtq80-fp1OPTIf you have been online for some time now, then you have probably heard or learned that in order for you to succeed…you will need to first ‘transform’ into the better version of yourself.

All of the people who have made it to the stage of ‘freedompreneur’ (people who no longer have to work at a traditional job or business in order to earn a full time income) have a few traits in common.

One of them on top of the list as being people who are readers.

These people who have what you want (if you want a freedom type lifestyle) are all readers of books but not just regular books…

They are all highly into ‘Personal Development’ (including myself).

So yes there is definitely a greater purpose to us doing what we are all ‘collectively’ doing and that is little by little…the thousands of people who join this industry each and every day to the Millions of people who are ‘actively’ pursuing this industry right now…

One by one.

And together we as a ‘collective’ group of Internet Entrepreneurs are helping many people ‘transform’ into the better versions of themselves which in turn starts to create a ‘DOMINO’ effect that is directly impacted by our experience on earth.

Can you imagine Millions of people who are being, acting and doing in a behavior that supports us as a ‘whole’ instead of a world full of people trying to co exist as little separate entities?

All Success Laws stem from the ‘Principle’ of Oneness (like their is ONLY One of US Down here).

Don’t believe me?

Well that is quite an idea to swallow.

But let’s look at any industry for an example…

There is a car repair shop not too far from where I live.

The owner doesn’t experience any ‘recession’ in this shop.

No matter what time of the year…he always has a line up of customers waiting to get their cars fixed.


Because he puts out ‘VALUE’ to the Universe (through his shop) and it comes back to him 10 fold!

Why do you have to put out value as a marketer on a daily basis in order to get traffic, leads and sales?

Because you as a ‘spiritual’ being (having a temporary experience of separation) will always get what you put out…Good or Bad.

Why would you get back what you put out?

Because there is ONLY one of us down here having an experience of Separation from different points of view through part of the mind called the EGO.

**WARNING! Some of this information (or all of this information on this post can be disturbing for the mind that is new to these ideas) here can be hard to swallow.

You don’t have to believe any of it if you are not ready to do so yet.

You can take some of this information or all of this information of none of this information right now. It’s completely up to you!


The EGO’s main purpose is to focus you here physically as a separate being.

The separation (from your Creator and from your brothers and sisters) is what we call the ‘Grand Illusion’.

Now even though the part of our ‘collective’ mind (EGO) has the purpose of allowing us to have a ‘personal’ experience or separate experience, many problems arise out of that idea (separation).

All of the conflict that we have experienced since the beginning of time (world wars right down to domestic problems) have stemmed from this idea of separation.

The Personal Development is the work that we need to do in order to not let the EGO keep us locked into a hell (box that we ourselves created ‘collectively’).

I have referred to the mind as having two parts:

1- Higher Mind (that sees only love, perfection, beauty, abundance, health and joy).

2- Lower Mind (that sees hate, lack, endless problems, GUILT, FEAR, differences, disease, pain).

Here is an easy to understand idea of what the EGO is and how it Dictates our Lives:

Rory Singh

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  1. Absolutely on point mate! It’s not just about the individual but the greater impact we can have on others, our actions will encourage and motivate others. Love the attitude and thought process brother.

    • Rory Singh

      Yes the ‘impact’ on others is what this is all about!! We impact others because of the struggles and victories we went through which can allow the other ‘upcoming’ marketers and even people stuck on the sidelines…Everyone we encounter through our marketing channels to ‘realize’ the Great Potential that lies ‘inside’ them…waiting for them! Thank you Kay!

  2. Yes, we are all one and if we always treat people as we would like to be treated what a wonderful world it would be. There will always be someone that thinks they have the right to mess with us. Great post-Rory and I resonate with what you are saying.

  3. It seems like a tough pill to swallow but when you think about it. And I mean, REALLY think about it, there can be no other way. We are all one. Science is now starting to prove it. Cool stuff.

    • Rory Singh

      We are all ‘connected’ through higher power through GOD (our creator). Sons and daughters who are all ‘collectively’ the WHOLE Sonship of God. Thank you Artreice.

    • Rory Singh

      We have to be tough with the ‘ego mind’ because it’s insane (and most people are totally identified with it). Thanks Steve.

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