This Held Me Back For Years (And Still Does I Think), But Not For Long!

Today was quite a day for me.

Things just keep ‘popping’ up and am starting to realize that that the purpose of this stuff happening to me (or for me) is because I still have ‘limiting’ thoughts and issues that NEED to be ‘cleaned’ or looked at.

If you have issues and they keep happening, you can not bury them ‘inside’ you.

They will just keep happening.

The ‘Life Lessons’ will keep repeating until you and I BOTH learn them.

I know that some of you have already crossed the point that I am going through right now based on your comments.

My momentum in my Empower Network business is now kicking in.

But sadly when momentum starts moving, haters move in and the ‘Peanut Gallery’ exposes themselves.

If you have read my latest posts, you probably have heard me mention the ‘Scam’ guys commenting on my videos on Youtube.

And to top that off…

I keep seeing people do stupid stuff online.

Why does this bother me?

Because I sell a ‘Network Marketing’ type of opportunity online.

And people join me and pay me for products ETC.

People join people in this niche of MMO.

No one cares about your products and comp plans no matter how powerful they are.

People join people. Period!

Issue No.1- Some of my team members don’t ever allow me to contact them personally. Most do but not all. When someone joins you they are paying you money to be part of your team. If they joined you it may be because of something you said, something you did or something regarding your personality that ‘resonates’ with them.

Some people would think this is a good thing…Making sales without having to call people on the phone.

But the reason I want to ‘touch base’ with new members is because the more ‘fresh’ they are, the quicker you contact them for a new member orientation the better.

I don’t do any ‘orientations’ to make more money for myself by trying to pressure people to buy more stuff from me.

In the past, my wife would do these types of calls.

And she never put any pressure on them to buy more stuff.

She just called them (my new members) to ‘welcome’ them to the team and company.

us in parkRight now my wife sells Avon part time and does quite well.

I honestly feel that she can make a ‘full time’ income if she pursued it more and if she really wanted to.

She is successful with Avon.

And most of her customers (99% of them) buy Avon products through her just so they can see her.

And Avon is a ‘tangible’ product.

So you see…

It doesn’t matter if you are selling ‘Digital’ products or ‘Physical’ products, people buy into people.

So when someone buys from me, I want to help them get started right.

However, when  you seem to ‘available’ to your team, something stupid can happen.

Sometimes they feel since you are available (to them) that you are not successful enough yet and then move on to another guy or girl that seems to be living the ‘bling’ lifestyle.

I have heard the founder of Empower Network (David Wood) say that when you ‘appear’ too ‘available’ to your own team, they psychologically get turned off.

When I first heard him say that I thought that he was too cold and only cared about himself.

But as I move further and further ahead, I can see that he is telling the truth.

Think about girls for just one minute.

Most girls are ‘attracted’ to the BAD Boys.

If they get a guy that is Good for them and available to them, they get turned off and look for someone else.

Most people want what’s not good for them and ‘repel’ what they need.

Anyways, my lesson for today…

You need to focus on yourself and own business first.

Lesson 1: And you can not help those who don’t want your help (even if they ‘buy’ your stuff).

Issue No.2-  I keep seeing people do stupid stuff online…manipulating stuff to move them ahead while trying to leave you behind.

Stuff like making ‘negative’ comments on your videos.

Stuff like trying to move their blog posts to the top of any ‘syndication’ groups while burying other people’s content.

It happens ‘daily’ to all of us.

Every now and then I get a few people who ‘claim’ the ‘syndicated’ your stuff and when you check, they didn’t do it.

Some of you guys reading this have experienced this.

Today I ended up arguing with Laura Parrish because one of the members Laura’s syndication group posted her content last night and then tagged me saying shared for Rory.

And when I checked,  I found that the other member didn’t syndicate any of my content last night.

The main reason why I was looking into this member was because another member in another group said he syndicated and didn’t last night too.

He really didn’t.

So I called her up on FB and asked her what content of mine did she do.

Then she said the one that I had called “No Plan B’.

Then I looked for her comment and there it was…4 days ago.

So I told her that last night she was supposed to ‘syndicate’ for 3 members and then ‘post’ her content for turn (Plus I ‘tagged’ Laura in the post).

Then Laura looked into it and found that the other member did indeed comment on one of my posts on May 26th.

Then Laura comes back and tags me telling me that the other member did follow the rules.

I kind of got the impression that Laura felt I was picking on this ‘innocent’ person.

I told Laura that…Who the heck does something like that…syndicates 3 other people’s content and then comes back like a 4 days later and then tags people.

Who does stuff like that?

Half the time I go to Laura’s group, I share more than 3 people’s post even though all I have to do is 3.

Any way I think I peeved Laura off a little to say the least.

I guess I kind of made myself an Ass because I thought this member was ‘cheating’ like some people do.

Lesson 2: I got to stop bothering with the ‘stupid’ things people do.

I am going to stop bothering with stupid bull shit and leave people to themselves.

Conclusion: We see many people failing hand over fist online. The rat race online is worst than the ‘traditional’ rat race in the physical world.

There will always be haters.

There will always be madness.

But Freedom can by yours (and mine) if we can grow a skin ‘thick’ enough to not let stupid bull shit like this hold us back.

All Aboard The ‘Crazy Train’:

Rory Singh

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  1. Great post Rory. Love your authenticity and how you are just being YOU. We do have to stop caring about the stupid things people do or say and just let them, (whether we understand them or not), just slide off our back. You, we, have better things to do and think about than to spend our time being frustrated over stupid. 🙂 It’s one of those lessons that takes a lifetime to learn I think. One thing that helps me is the serenity prayer. “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.” I use this every day and it reminds me to just let go of the stupid, lol. 🙂

    • Rory Singh

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes you are absolutely right. Love the prayer and this is a great way to live our lives. We can’t change certain things. But we can have courage and change ourselves. Thank you Veronica!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes he is! Thank you Audra! The furball gets more attention than my wife lol. But still don’t know about giving him 75% like he wants. Still debating…

  2. Daniel Ndukwu

    Limiting beliefs, something we all hold. The most important part is identifying the.
    PS Rico is entitled to at least 60%

    • Rory Singh

      Yes once we ‘identify’ the limitations that is the first step. But we don’t have to keep them. Okay…60% sounds fair. Thanks Daniel.

  3. I believe that problems are presented to people and will still present themselves, if we don’t learn to overcome them. Great dog, by the way. He is a great negotiator!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes it’s all about our ‘willingness’ to overcome them or ‘look at them’ from a different perspective. Thank you Lorraine. Rico sends his love.

  4. OMG That Business Partner is Super Cute. Pay him 90% seeing as he is the main reason yo get sales made 🙂

    [Sigh] you mean I have to talk to people? Really…What! You are so right Rory…People do join people, products are a dime a penny…Only thing taht really should be talked about is Why do full grown adults want to be handheld in THEIR BUSINESS? its simply something I would like to know and knock on the head. When leaders say we gotta hold other’s hands till they make a sale….aarrg I tune out. I am glad you dont have to Rory. Its good to Hep them get set, but when one wants to be hand held…I really tell them its not for you!

    • Rory Singh

      I don’t want to ‘hand hold’ anyone. I just give them (1) call to ‘introduce’ myself and welcome them to the team. However most of them are ‘shy’ or scared. Who knows. My job is done once I call them and put out my hand to them at least once. Some team members are not shy or fearful of the phone. Others are ‘different’. I guess I was just letting go of some past guilt (on video and post) of people not willing to succeed. Not going to stop me anymore!

    • Rory Singh

      I don’t want to ‘hand hold’ anyone. I just give them (1) call to ‘introduce’ myself and welcome them to the team. However most of them are ‘shy’ or scared. Who knows. My job is done once I call them and put out my hand to them at least once. Some team members are not shy or fearful of the phone. Others are ‘different’. I guess I was just letting go of some past guilt (on video and post) of people not willing to succeed. Not going to stop me anymore! Thanks Julie!

  5. I Can relate to Both points here, Sometimes the new team member joins the witness protection program. So Strange. And I understand the difficulty in syndication sometimes. We need a thick skin 🙂 Great post Rory aka secret twin 😀

  6. The most important things we learn are about ourselves. Thanks for sharing. It makes me think about what I spend my time and emotion on as well that could be better spent somewhere else.

  7. Have to agree with you Rory about letting go of the BS and not wasting time on it. It only brings up negative vibes which will attract more negativity. Focus on the positive, and that’s what will come our way.

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