USI Tech in Trouble Texas – The Good and the Bad – Future Trends

USI tech Texas rory singhThousands of USI Tech distributors are in panic after finding out that their network marketing company USI Tech is under scrutiny in the state of Texas.

There have been problems with USI Tech and many other network marketing platforms like it right from the start.

The main problem reps and distributors have been facing is the faceless anonymous owners of these types of systems along with how revenue is being created.

Since 2016 Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of popularity among the masses and this has caused a lot of capitalists to create income systems based on digital wealth.

What does any of this have to do with USI Tech you may be asking?

It has everything to do with your success with USI Tech.

If you are reading this right now then most likely you are either looking into it or have already joined them.

Or maybe you are one of their admins doing research online to see what is coming up on your company.

Is USI Tech a Scam?

No I don’t think it’s a scam but I do think that revenue is being created on recruitment and not on actual mining.

Who really knows if there is any real mining going on as USI Tech hasn’t proved this.

And here lies the great problem in the State of Texas…

USI Tech has ‘attracted’ some of the very best leaders that the Network Marketing industry has to offer!

Some guys and gals who have learned the skills of ‘attraction’ marketing, traffic and even lead generation skills.

They surely know what they are doing!

But the great majority of opportunity seekers (that seem to be coming from the US) have been joining the make BTC frenzy mainly because there is a psychological trigger word being used…


USI Tech  isn’t even based in the USA.

It’s headquartered in Dubai.

And most likely it’s Arab owned.


In a nutshell…

Since USI Tech has been gaining so much publication online (as a result of all the Pro Marketers marketing the platform), this has caused some individuals to press the panic alert button and alert the authorities.

So what we have now is a case where the Texas Securities Board has requested their commissioner to release a Cease and Desist order for the state of Texas.

Rory Singh at the LakeWhat does this mean?

Basically if USI Tech doesn’t prove that they are indeed a company that actually is mining digital coins to pay revenue out to their distributors, then no promotion of USI Tech can no longer happen in the State of Texas.


USI Tech has not registered themselves as an Official company that offers securities.

If they don’t do these 2 main things listed above, anyone caught promoting them in Texas can end up facing legal issues, fines and even possible jail time.

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