Viridian MLM Company Slaps It’s Loyal Distributors in the Face!

Viridian MLM Abandons DistributorsViridian MLM Company is abandoning the MLM side of things come March 2018. They had a good go and a lot o hard core and loyal distributors gunning for them for the past 8 years! Why are they really abandoning the network marketing side of things? What is it that they don’t want you to know?

Let’s find out…

First of all I would like to¬† state that the ONLY reason any company that offers products and services uses independent reps in the first place if for one thing…

Free advertising!

There is absolutely no shortage of people nowadays looking into Network Marketing as a way to supplement or even replace their income.

Yes more people are now considering this industry as a way to fire their bosses and live a life with less limitations.

The problem?

Most people are putting their faith in an MLM company instead of something ‘investing’ into themselves in the form of skill sets, knowledge and experience.

I will talk more about this issue down below.

Back to Viridian…

They have already given their distributors notice that come March 2018, they will no longer be continuing the MLM side of things.


They claim that they want to go deeper in to the world and industry of Energy sales.

Why can’t they continue to use distributors and reps to sell their energy products?

This seems to be a secret.

Most likely they have found another way that puts more money in their pockets that doesn’t involve network marketing distributors.

However, they said that they still plan to honor ‘ongoing’ subscriptions that their reps have already landed through private and commercial accounts.

But After 8 Prosperous Years?

What you need to understand is that the only one who truly cares about you and your success is YOU!

Most companies care about their own pockets.

Most MLM companies are still using outdated training from the 60’s to teach new reps how to sell to family and friends.

Your family and friends are the worst prospects!

Most couldn’t care less about your products and comp plan (even if it can help them)!

Yes you maybe able to make a few sales to your personal family and friends but a few sales if far from financial freedom. How much profit can you make from a few sales?

Not much!

Why do Most MLM Companies still teach you to build a list of warm market prospects?

Because they figure that if the average person can make a few sales (for themselves), having a thousand people doing this all together means a ton of sales for the company.

Rory Singh at the LakeWhat can you do?

Learn how to ‘invest’ in yourself instead of putting all of your faith into a company and product.

You are the real product and if you haven’t done so yet…

Learn how to become the ‘hunted’ instead of the desperate guy or gal trying to pitch your products to family, friends and anyone within a 3 foot radius with a heart beating.

Here is a System that can teach you: how to become a Top Income Earner in Network Marketing. We will even train you how to leverage the POWER of the Internet and generate your own traffic, leads and sales.

And the best part about this is you won’t ever have to personally sell anything to anyone ever again!

On top of this..

We have a very lucrative income opportunity with many people who have ‘already’ fired their bosses!

Simple, Straight Forward and Lucrative!

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