Watching The News Will Work Against You!

As you can see clearly above, our very own ‘Prime Minister’ of this beautiful country doesn’t even watch the news himself.

I have been a Canadian Over the Road Truck Driver for over 2 decades and stopped watching the news myself for the second decade of my trucking career.

My family and friends think I am nuts.

They all ask me…What will you do if something bad happens?

And I tell them…

One of you will come and tell me.

My wife had an old friend who had her radio next to her in her office all day long so that she could listen in and ‘know’ what’s going on.

And this girl really knew!

She knew everything that was happening all over the world for crying out loud!

And I (a truck driver) didn’t want watch or listen to the news even to get traffic information!

You may think that’s crazy.

But I think it’s crazier to actually think the news is there to help you.

If you believe that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

But I can say this…

The most money that is made online in this industry is made by the top 3% of marketers. And this is no accident. They are constantly  working on their mindset. Marketing is a mental game and the people who have a supportive mindset (instead of a negative one) are the ones who win this game!

Watch this video and Ill explain why:


  1. Keith Everett

    Great post Rory. I do not watch the news and I unplugged the TV from the Matrix 5 years ago (I only watch DVD’s now!.. )… the news, both in the Newspapers and on TV is the most depressing thing ever, why would people want to keep listening and feeling depressed?..

  2. Deirdre Powell

    Hi Rory, great blog. I haven’t watched TV or the news in years. It’s so negative. All the news stations regurgitate the same information over and over. They create drama and try to control our minds and our lives. They put their own spin on things they don’t want us to think for ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andy Atsugah

    i just dont watch the news. PERIOD! people have being trying to convince me why its necessary to watch and I keep saying the same thing. I just done watch the news. PERIOD. I dont understand why I or anyone should with all the fear mongering and negativity. great post

  4. Lorraine Menza

    I totally agree with not watching the news. As the quote above stated, if it is important enough someone will always share. I tested out my theory about news being negative; one day, I turned on the news and I hear about killing, rape, stealing, all within the first few minutes. I then turned the news off!

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