Who Is ‘Your’ REAL Target Market (Network Marketing)?

qtq80-0EwuQdI strongly believe that 97% of Network Marketers and even people who pursue the home based business industry online (yes even affiliate marketers) don’t know who their real target market is.

Some of these people don’t even know what a ‘target market’ is in general.

One thing everyone does know is that they really really want the ‘Freedompreneur’ lifestyle.

But wanting it is not good enough.

If I asked the great majority of people who are pursuing ‘Make Money Online’ who their real target market was… 

I would probably get answers like…

1- People who want to make money online.

2- Network Marketers

3- Affiliate Marketers

Yes it’s true that the people who will buy from you have an interest in on of the three areas above but those areas are ‘too’ general of an audience.

Now if I went around and asked traditional ‘Network Marketers’ who do things Old school (off line) the very same question…

Who is your target market?

They may reply…

1- People who are looking for ways to add more income streams in their lives.

2- People who want to ‘improve’ the quality of their lives.

But even if those people (who are open to making more money), would they actually buy from you?

I know that if I personally went around town ‘pitching’ my opportunity with the public (dressed like how I am dressed in t-shirt and jeans), most people wouldn’t give me the time of day. 

Back in 2005 I actually approached a guy by the name of Ivan (who was a hot dog vendor at the time) and asked him is he was open to making more money…

Here is what he said to me…

“Rory, you don’t look like you make more money than me, so why would I want to listen to you?”

And some of you old school Networkers may even tell me to dress better to ‘attract’ the right prospects.

Look, I don’t want to put on a suit and tie. Because I am just not that kind of guy. Plus that would be unreal or not authentic.

Doing stuff like that diminishes my ‘Power’.

But I can come online and sell stuff to the cold market (people I don’t know or have ever met) with the same t-shirt and jeans and guess what?

They buy!

Not everyone but enough people do.

And it’s not some kind of Internet Phenomenon.

It’s not rocket science.

People will buy from you online if you give them something first.

And that something is called ‘Value’.

When ever people receive value from you first, your credibility is increased immensely (in their eyes).

Now that you are giving value, you are not leading with your product, comp plan or company.

Because no one truly cares about your product, comp plan or company. 

People care about you.

Your interests, your vision and your perseverance.

Another tip:

No one will get started with you in anything until you decide to get started and go all the way (with your product ETC).

If you are just ‘testing the waters’ yourself, no one will get started with you until you get started (and stay started).

People never do what you tell them to do. They will do what you do!

They do this because we are ‘all’ connected.


Your target market are people who like you for you. They are your ‘real’ target audience that are naturally ‘attracted’ to you because you are being REAL with them. 

You find them by putting yourself ‘out there’ online being your real self.

Not some fake looking persona that you made up to look ‘professional’.

That’s bull shit.

I see a lot of you guys displaying pictures of you in suits and ties and many of you are not ‘suit and tie guys’.

If you are a suit and tie guy or gal, then go for it and attract people like yourself!

So in a nut shell…

Many of the people who are struggling online are trying to attract 100% of the people pursuing this industry.

And if you are trying to attract everyone (and trying to talk to everyone), you are in truth taking to know one.

Top earners eventually get to the point in attracting most of the people who want to pursue this industry.

But until you have achieved ‘GURU’ status…

You will need to first start to ‘attract’ your REAL Target market (and sell them stuff).

Part of this make money online process is “Self Acceptance” – To learn how to accept yourself as you are now!

Rory Singh

Rory Singh is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you have received any value here today please support original content bloggers...Please comment, like and share. Let's connect on Facebook.

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  1. [ Chuckles ] Rory, I liked the part where the hot dog vendor sized you up and said, “Rory, you don’t look like you make more money than me, so why would I want to listen to you?”

    I don’t think I have ever seen Mark Zuckerberg in a suit either and he is quite wealthy.

    I enjoyed your video.

    Soon, your dog is going to become a huge star!

  2. People Will buy from you irrespective of your dress code if they see value i what you offer and believe you can help them succeed too 🙂 So Knowing WHO the are and where those people are at is key! I love waking up to seeing a new Entrepreneur born because I inspired them 🙂 Attraction marketing rocks!

    • Rory Singh

      Yes people will buy from you (if they resonate with you) and feel like you can help them. You are a very inspirational woman Julie! Thank you!

  3. Awesome post Rory! I like the point about authenticity. If you don’t wear a suit and tie daily, then don’t wear it to meet a prospect. You gotta be YOU! Love it! Provide value, and attract the right people to you!

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